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The I, Tonya Trailer Is Here & We Got BTS Deets from Margot Robbie

It serves so much '80s figure-skating realness—the hair and wardrobe are almost too much to process

Tonya Harding, depicted in the new I, Tonya teaser, cries at the Lillehammer Olympics; feature image

(Photo: Getty Images)

I, Tonya premiered in September at the Toronto International Film Festival to much acclaim and FLARE chatted with its stars on the red carpet (more on that in a sec), but until like five minutes ago, not so much as a 10-second teaser had been released. In fact, the only hint of any visuals from the film were some grainy pap shots from the set—which we devoured, naturally. Well, it is a blessed day indeed because an almost-minute-long I, Tonya teaser just dropped and it serves up so much quick ‘n dirty ’80s figure-skating Americana realness, we can’t even deal. The wigs alone, I mean!

I, Tonya-inline2
In the dark comedy, set for release in early 2018, Margot Robbie plays disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding whose talents were overshadowed by her famous (and ultimately, career-ending) feud with rival Nancy Kerrigan. On the TIFF red carpet, Robbie spoke about the film’s incredible costumes and FLARE was there. “We have such good hair and makeup departments, we had different wigs—and because there was a documentary made about Tonya when she was 15, we could replicate that look, and then there are documentaries when she was in her 40s, and we could replicate that look,” she told reporters on the red carpet. “But at some point, it’s not about just replicating, it’s about embodying the spirit of it, and I think we did that,” she added.

Robbie also did almost all her own skating in the film, despite having no experience in the sport. “I did lots of training, did a lot of research, met the real Tonya Harding,” she told journalists on the red carpet, adding that meeting the real Harding was “amazing.”

Peep the teaser here:

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