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How to Get a Date on Instagram

Share a photo, score a husband? How Instagram love stories are going further than you may have thought

Photo: iStock

Photo: iStock

And you thought Instagram was just a place to post pictures… It turns out that the photo-sharing site is increasingly becoming a spot where social-media savvy singletons find love—and not just the fleeting kind.

Instagram love stories are cropping up everywhere. Bethany Olson and Cory Studacher are the newest poster kids for the site’s infinite romantic possibilities. The twosome connected when Olson, a photographer, decided to follow Studacher, also a photographer. (“I thought, Dang this guy is talented and cute,” she told the New York Post.)

The courtship began slowly. Comments were posted and replied to, Facebook messages were exchanged, then a real-life meet-up followed, which turned into a first date. Three years later, they’re engaged.

Olson and Studacher aren’t the only Insta-couple. Robin Coe and Matthew Fleming shared their Instagram connection with the Huffington Post last year. Coe, who was based in Toronto at the time, was posting pictures of the GTA’s chilly winter when Fleming, who was based in L.A., commented favorably on the shots.

Those comments prompted an email exchange, which then turned into Skype chats, which eventually turned into offline encounters. They got married last May.

Ditto for Elizabeth Wisdom and Denis LaFargue, who shared their romance with Brides magazine. Wisdom and LaFargue’s journey will sound pretty familiar by now: it began with a “like” on a photo and proceeded from there, involving emails, more comments and then a bold first IRL meeting.

So, how does one go about getting a date on Instagram? If you’re looking to find someone you have two options, as far as I can tell. You can start by taking truly great photos as a means of attracting attention—photogs seem to have the advantage there. Or you can start following someone whose photos speak to you, post a coherent comment, and then wait to see if your spark ignites a flame.