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How to Become a Social Media Star

We broke down social media stardom into 10 categories and asked the best and buzziest for their tips on making it big

Social media starBeing on social media can feel like competing in an infinite, globe-spanning popularity contest. Every tweet, ’gram or video brings its share of praise or disses, like catcalls in a high school hallway. Gossip goes viral in a click, reputations are made or ruined in 140 characters and, inevitably, cliques form. There are belfie-posting jocks and change-making feminists, comedy nerds courting love in LOLz and beauty queens with more clout than all the Heathers combined. And in 2015, all this online hustle can lead to a real-life career, cachet and cash. All you have to do is find your #squad and work it.

Here, a guide to choosing yours, with tips for digital domination from the Internet’s most feverishly followed.

Meet All the Social Media Stars:
The Twitter Feminists
The Food Porn Stars
The Front-Row Posse
The Thirst Trappers
The Jocks
The Wellness Gurus
The Pets
The Overachievers
The Comedy Nerds

The Beauty Queens

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