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How Has the Idea of the “Perfect” Female Body Changed?

Examining the reasons certain body types prevail from decade to decade

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ICYMI: The 2010s (the 20-teens?) are undeniably the era of the buzzy booty, but how did we get here? Health and wellness website posted a fascinating series of infographics that reveals just how much the “perfect” female body pendulum swings from decade to decade. “Whoever People magazine deems ‘Most Beautiful’ this year is just a representation of what has bubbled up in the cauldron of pop culture,” writes author Maria Hart. “That silhouette of the ‘ideal woman’ has been put through a series of fun-house mirrors (fashion, movies, pop music, politics). It also changes year over year, so the physical qualities we embrace today are often at odds with those from previous generations.”

The Gibson Girl corseted her waist into graspable proportions, the 1950s brought the bombshell hourglass and Gisele ushered in the toned-tanned-flat-abs look that’s still desired today–no matter how many butt-based think pieces get written. But what were the circumstances that made each body type the ideal? Read the whole feature here.


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