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Flying Harry Styles Is Just What the Internet Needed

He believes he can fly and we're here for it

The new Harry Styles music video is here and Twitter is lit. We rounded up the funniest reactions; inline image.


When Harry Styles takes flight, the world takes notice. And ever since pics of the 1D heartthrob levitating off the coast of Scotland in a full Gucci lewk were leaked back in April—and countless flying memes made our lives complete—the Internet has waiting with bated breath. Well, the video we’ve all been waiting for dropped (or should we say, took off) yesterday and Twitter. Is. Lit. From appreciating Harry’s heavenly walking-on-water skills to feeling his Peter Pan vibes, these are the Twitter reactions that made us LOL the most.

This girl thinks Harry is basically JC.

But this person’s like “Nah dude, Harry ran on water. He’s better than Jesus.” That’s a strong stance. We’re not saying we agree but we’re not *not* saying we agree. 

One Twitter user is pretty sure Harry invented flying. Can’t argue with that sound logic!

This guy thinks Harry is serving major Peter Pan vibes and we can’t say we disagree (although we would have LIVED for Harry to wear the Jared Leto-approved elfin green Gucci ensemble instead of the Gucci peacoat if he was going to go full Neverland but we digress).

One tweeter has a great solution to how quickly Harry’s concert tix are selling out.

This gal is comparing Harry to a lizard. Can’t say she’s wrong.

Same, girl. Same.


This Twitter user has figured out that the vid is just found footage of an angel caught on tape. Makes sense, really.

Now that you’ve wet your whistle with the best Twitter has to offer, enjoy the full video:

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