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This Is Just Some of the Wicked Stuff You Can Snag at Toronto's New Harry Potter Store

This is so freaking cool

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Die-hard Harry Potter fans living in Canada no longer have to make their way to Florida’s Wizarding World in order to get their magic fix; we now have our own HP-inspired store right here in Toronto!

Curiosa: Purveyors of Extraordinary Things is our newest Canadian hotspot for all things magical. From spell books to Marauder’s maps to your very own wand, there’s something for every witch and wizard that wanders through their door—some directly Potter-related, and others more generally magic-themed.

Instagram is already brimming with pics and vids of the crazy-cool purchases people are making, and living vicariously through them until we get our hands on an invisibility cloak of our own. Step into Diagon Alley (or at least, pretend to) and check out all the amazing things we’ve seen people buy at Curiosa so far!

A book for your list of enemies (but no sectumsempra curses, please)

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Hogwarts House jewellery, like this Ravenclaw bangle

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For the mischievous: a Marauder’s map

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Ornate notebooks that Hermione would LOVE

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Wand permits (because it’s important to practice magic legally, ofc)

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Witty and unique greeting cards

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The cutest pins and patches

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Chic artisanal products

This praxinoscope and other vintage toys we didn’t know we needed until RN

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Vintage palmistry posters to guide your moonlit readings

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A Deathly Hallows watch!

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