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Will Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy Make Us... Laugh?

The team at Grey Sloan Memorial may actually get a break from tragedy in season 14—but is Grey's really Grey's without any doom and gloom?


Anyone who has endured all 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomythe addictive brainchild of Shonda Rhimes—knows that there’s absolutely no point wearing mascara while viewing. The show’s just that damn emotional. From that time Meredith had her hand on a bomb inside some dude’s stomach to the deadly plane crash which definitely left a few fans afraid to fly, the show has been a whirlwind of merciless death.

As season 14 approaches, with a two-hour premiere airing on September 28, Grey’s fans are now preparing for a totally different experience. Giacomo Gianniotti, the Canadian actor who plays hottie Dr. DeLuca, told TVLine that “we’re going to have fun this season.”

Bish, whaaaaaat?!

GIF of Christina Yang crying

Our feels watching basically every single episode to date (Photo: GIPHY)

Gianniotti continued, saying that the series “has been dreary for a long time…so we want to show the characters having some fun. Also, a lot of the men are single now, so we’re going to explore what that dynamic is like.”

This does not sound like Grey’s at all. To jog your memory (spoiler alert!), George O’Malley, Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey and Derek Shepard were some of the show’s most major characters, and each had an extremely tragic demise. George was dragged by a bus, Mark succumbed to his plane crash injuries, Lexie died under the wing of the plane and Derek was killed in a car crash on his way to see his beautiful family—and this is only a fraction of the cruel ends fan have had to witness over the years.

Are we actually in for some lighthearted merriment after all that dramz? It’s pretty impossible to believe.

Gif of derek shepard smiling

They didn’t call him McDreamy for nothin’ (Photo: giphy)

We can only hope Gioanniotti is being honest—and that our precious main characters are safe from sudden death—but we’ll probs still settle in to watch with a tissue box (or two) just in case.

This post has been updated to reflect the fact that there is no set end date for Grey’s Anatomy (thank GOD). 

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