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How Many Seasons of Grey’s Anatomy is Too Many? Our Editors Face Off

Note: no friendships were harmed in the making of this post

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Meredith and the crew at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital are back—the two-hour premiere of season 14 airs Thursday at 8 p.m. EST—and feelings here at FLARE are mixed, to say the least. The hospital drama has been in the air since 2005, which means Cristina Yang was making groundbreaking medical discoveries while the authors of this article were kickin’ it in elementary school (seriously). There are no signs of the show stopping—Ellen Pompeo (a.k.a. Meredith Grey) told Variety, “why walk away from a hit?”—but we gotta wonder: has Grey’s Anatomy run its course?

Meghan Collie: Why it’s still my #1 fave

I’m mere hours away from being back in my happy place (a.k.a. Shondaland) and all I can say is: thank GOD it’s Thursday. I am so ready to settle in with my Annalise Keating-esque satin pyjamas, my Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine (though Olivia isn’t back until next Thursday, #sad) and my Meredith Grey-level of appreciation for medical anomalies.

In case you can’t tell, I would gladly grow old with Grey’s Anatomy. This show kept me sane through eight rounds of university finals, countless squabbles with my roommates and many a sleepless night. Now that I’m working full-time, Grey’s is the one hour (or in the case of the premiere, two) when my brain can finally cool the F down. PLUS, I can trick myself into thinking that I’m still learning something, which is literally impossible with other binge-watch fan faves (cough, Keeping Up With The Kardashians).

While the show has changed a lot in its 14 seasons, it’s still the Grey’s I know and love at its core. You can bet I’ll keep watching ‘til the day Meredith fails to deactivate the bomb which was surgically placed in Bailey’s abdomen by an evil criminal when she had her appendix removed at age 13 (this is one of my many theories). 

Quality crying material—and if you say you don’t need that, you’re lying

I legitimately despise crying in front of other people, but DAMN I’m emotional—so what’s a gal to do?! Enter, one measly episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Within that hour, I’ll explore the raw dynamics of human relationships (i.e. doctor hookups in the snooze pads around the hospital), I’ll learn about medical issues I did not even know existed (the guy who turned into a tree actually had Human Papillomavirus a.k.a. HPV, thank you very much), and I’ll be reminded to text literally everyone I love to tell them so (no one is safe from tragic death on this show and really, no one is in life, either).

I’ll laugh, I’ll cry and I’ll inevitably walk away feeling renewed. It’s basically like a deep cleanse charcoal face mask—but for your heart.

(Source: Giphy)

(Source: Giphy)

It’s consistent in its unpredictability

Because I’ve been watching Grey’s for so long (I’ve done a full series run-through three times), I have come to love that it’s predictably unpredictable. Bear with me. When I first saw George die, I freaked the F out. I couldn’t believe a show could so easily ditch one of its key characters. But now I’m a seasoned pro and I take comfort in knowing how the show operates. If Alex Karev were to die during Thursday’s premiere, I would be upset for his character because I love him, but I probably wouldn’t be like “OMG WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM?” He’s been acting shady lately, which in Shondaland could be a clue that your time is nearly up, just saying.

Grey’s is like a great boyfriend—sometimes, it surprises you, but only in exactly the right way/at the right time/with the stuff you like and you kind of saw it coming, because you know them so well.

(Source: Giphy)

(Source: Giphy)

The show is chock full of badass women

How am I supposed to pass that up? While every character definitely has their flaws, the women of this show are perpetually strong, independent and quick-witted. Bailey is the legit Chief of Surgery (so cool), Arizona—a lesbian with one leg—is unapologetically confident in herself and Maggie somehow finds the time to run, like, a lot, which is enough for me to have mucho respect.

Anytime I’m feeling insignificant, or like I need a dude to prop me up, these gals (and Shonda) come along and knock the thought right out of my head. —Meghan Collie, assistant editor 

(Source: Giphy)

(Source: Giphy)

Sarah Trumbley: The case for why it’s gotta go

OK Grey’s fans, before you go freaking out on me for my probs v. unpopular opinion; just chill—or push one of epi, whatever works—and let me say my piece. I too was once a Grey’s Anatomy obsessive who anxiously awaited Thursday nights to catch up with Meredith and the Seattle Grace crew.

I’m not going to lie, the show was pure gold (keyword being *was*). I don’t think there’s been a more thrilling/heart-wrenching moment in television than when Meredith found out George was the Jane Doe who got hit by a bus. REMEMBER GEORGE?

It was a blessing sent from the heavens above and for a good five or six seasons, Grey’s Anatomy was legit my life. But fast forward fourteen seasons later and I don’t even recognize it anymore. Seriously, who the hell are all these random people hanging out with Meredith and Karev? IMO, Grey’s Anatomy has been dragged on for about seven seasons too long and Shonda, if you’re reading this, I’m begging you to pls make this one be the last.

Here’s why I think Grey’s Anatomy needs to just be dunzo after this season (besides the fact that fourteen seasons is just too long for any show):

Two words—No. Derek.

We all know this is the only argument that really matters here. I mean, COME ON. What even is life at Seattle Grace (sorry, I refuse to call it Grey Sloan Memorial) without the dreamboat that is Derek Shepherd? Killing off McDreamy was honestly just a rude kick in the face to every fan who’s been watching since Day One and was enough for me to quit the show cold turkey, right then and there. I would even go as far as to compare his sudden—and v. uncalled for—departure to the death of Marissa Cooper on The O.C. (oh yeah, I went there) and Shonda, I will never forgive you for killing off the love of Meredith’s my life. The bottom line: I am *not* here for Grey’s Anatomy sans Derek Shepherd, and you know, deep down, you’re not either.

(Source: Giphy)

(Source: Giphy)

Literally everyone is dead

When it comes to Grey’s Anatomy, I honestly feel personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes because every single character I have ever cared about—minus my girls Meredith and Bailey—is either dead or dearly departed for some other depressing reason and I literally CANNOT handle anymore freaking deaths. Now, I totally get bringing in new characters once in a while (the introduction of Lexie Grey and McSteamy defs got my stamp of approval) but reinventing the show’s integral cast, multiple times, should actually be illegal. It’s like, you make me care and get attached to these people, and then without a word of warning you just rip them away from me—Shonda, how dare you? And to the people siding with my brainwashed colleague rn—can you SRSLY tell me you prefer the season 14 cast over the OG crew? Didn’t think so.

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(Source: Giphy)

Hasn’t Meredith suffered enough?

How Meredith hasn’t fully given up on life yet is beyond me. She’s by far the unluckiest Shondaland character, and after almost dying like a million times, losing her husband, mother, half-sister and p. much all of her friends—hasn’t she been through enough? Throwing the poor girl any more shitty storylines at this point would not only be cruel, but it would just be straight-up painful to watch. So please, give Meredith a damn break and end the show for good, before something else terrible happens to her.  —Sarah Trumbley, assistant editor 

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(Source: Giphy)

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