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Are Your Three Fave Characters Returning to Grey's Anatomy?!

Prepare yourselves, Grey's fans: we're about to get the Fab 5 reunion we've been praying for (sort of)

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Any loyal Grey’s Anatomy fan will vividly remember the Seattle Grace glory days. Back when the whole Fab Five—Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O’Malley and Alex Karev—roamed the halls, takin’ names and savin’ lives. The crew met as baby-faced interns, naive to the perils of Shondaland—basically, that freakin’ everyone eventually dies or leaves—and, sure enough, George died in the Season 5 premiere, Izzie left the hospital in search of a fresh start in Season 6, and Cristina took a sweet new job in Switzerland at the end of Season 10.

Fourteen seasons later and we’re down to two of the original five—Meredith and Alex. Or so we thought. Seriously, hold the eff up. Could our fave O.G. characters be returning for a hot sec?

According to an Entertainment Tonight interview with Kevin McKidd (a.k.a. Owen Hunt), the show’s 300th episode will be about “this one day in the hospital where suddenly all the people that used to be part of the family come back as ghosts of Christmas past almost, and it’s really beautiful.” UGH, here for this. It’s almost like sticking with the show for all 14 seasons has just been leading us to this moment: a Fab Five reunion.

Unfortch, this does not mean Sandra Oh (a.k.a. Cristina Yang) and T. R. Knight (a.k.a. George O’Malley) will be gracing our screens for reals—it’s more of a “there in spirit” kinda deal. In the promo vid, two new characters arrive at the hospital after an accident with a roller coaster, and they look/act exactly like the sweet, bickering Yang and O’Malley. Meredith turns to Karev and says, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Our thoughts, exactly, Meredith.

That said, the return of Katherine Heigl (a.k.a. Izzie Stevens) is up in the air. She’s nowhere to be found in the promo, and while it would make sense that an homage is also paid to her character, her split from Shondaland was not on good terms IRL. We wouldn’t be surprised if even Heigl’s fictional character wasn’t welcome back on set by series creator Shonda Rhimes.

In all of our excitement for the 300th episode—slated by McKidd to be a “poem to the loyal fans that watch the show” (ahem, us)—we almost missed the part where McKidd says that, while she may not return for this episode, Oh isn’t opposed to returning in the near future and OMFG.

Apparently, McKidd and Oh (whose Grey’s characters were once married) talk all the time, and he told her to come back to the show, to which she replied, “Maybe, maybe.” IT’S A SMALL POSSIBILITY, BUT WE’LL TAKE IT. McKidd continued, “I hope she will. I think it would be so much fun, and it would open up so much again in the story and mix everything up. She’s just such an amazing actor that I still miss her to this day, every day at work.”

Not only that, but McKidd said Oh was actually jealous about his more recent on-screen marriage to Amelia Shepherd. “When my character got married to Amelia, she got kind of jealous,” McKidd said. “She’s like, ‘No, that’s not right. That shouldn’t be the way. That shouldn’t be what’s going on.”

TBH, we don’t need any of these characters to come back—this interview with (the very Scottish, FYI) McKidd is enough.

Kidding. Sandra Oh, if you’re reading this, the hospital needs you, Meredith needs you, WE NEED YOU.

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