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Hot Pie from GoT Just Opened an IRL Bakery in the U.K.—and It Has the Best Name

And it's not Game of Scones

Actor Ben Hawkey's new Game of Thrones bakery sells wolf-shaped breads through the food delivery service, Deliveroo; inline image.

(Photo: Deliveroo)

When you’re famous for playing a character named Hot Pie, who works as the best baker in Westeros, is there really anything to do but open your own Game of Thrones bakery? We think not. Ben Hawkey, the actor who plays Hot Pie on GoT, just opened the doors to his new London-based e-bakery and the name is too good: You Know Nothing John Dough. *Slow clap*



Hawkey, whose character Hot Pie loves gifting Arya Stark his Direwolf-shaped breads on GoT—and, SPOILER ALERT, returned to give Arya a snack on her journey in episode two of this seasonpartnered with U.K.-based delivery service Deliveroo to distribute his wolf-shaped breads ahead of the show’s July 30 episode.

For a wallet-friendly £1 (that’s about $1.60 in Canadian dollars) a pop, fans could get the wheat cornbread with orange zest—which, according to Deliveroo, is best served warm with butter—delivered right to their door (um, yes please!).

The only thing that would make this better is if sweet little Hot Pie delivered the tasty treats himself, amiright?

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