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Feeling the Holiday Burn Out? Consider Healing Crystals

What do healing crystals actually do? Isabel Slone tests out a retro solution to age-old problem

healing crystals

(Illustration: Leo Tapel)

Holiday Vice: You run yourself ragged shopping, socializing and dealing with family dramz
The Anti-Vice: OK, so crystals are a bit woo-woo ’70s-era New Age, but they’re making a comeback. See fans like Kourtney Kardashian and Katy Perry, plus gaggles of cool girls who post snaps of their sparklers on Instagram. There’s no hard data proving crystals, which are found underground or in caves, actually heal anything. But proponents believe they radiate energy that can help calm, revitalize or bring about other minor miracles, depending on the stone: citrine is meant to attract wealth and prosperity; amethyst supposedly inspires creativity and purifies negativity; rose quartz is said to open your heart to find love. They say simply meditating in proximity to the crystals is enough to feel the benefits, but you can also recite affirmations while holding them for extra mindfulness.

The practice is so popular it’s now often offered as a service at many Canadian spas and wellness centres, including Soul 7 (17 Yorkville Ave., 416-847-6999) in Toronto. The centre’s director, Jacob Charendoff, claims the process will “make you feel like a yoga Zen master in 30 minutes.” The place is filled with geodes—waist-high hollow spheres spilling glittering crystal clusters—and Himalayan salt lamps that are meant to remove pollutants from the air. An attendant ushers you into a vibrating pod bed, where you’re swaddled in a blanket and guided through meditation via headphones. Overhead, seven clear-cut Brazilian quartz crystals pulsate a rainbow of flashing lights above your chakras—head, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower abs, “root” (tailbone) and third eye (forehead). Charendoff says the crystals are communicating with your energy centres to remove blockages and activate your inner power. When it’s all done, you’ll feel deeply relaxed—amazing, even. Could be the  crystals. Could also be the fact that you’ve taken a much needed 30-minute nap in the middle of the holiday crush.

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