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Sorry, Mr. President, No One Is Buying Your #IWD Tweet

It's Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump in this fact-check of the president's latest claim that he is a "tremendous" supporter of women *insert eye roll here*

President Donald Trump in front of a portrait of Hillary Clinton

(Photo: Getty Images)


It’s International Women’s Day, and while women in more than 50 countries are making a statement by being absent from workplaces and public commerce, President Donald Trump decided to invade our Twitter timelines with yet another tone-deaf tweetstorm.

In two tweets—which lacked his love of CAPS LOCK and those “unpresidented” typos—the reality TV tycoon turned U.S. president shared straight up alternative facts about his “tremendous” respect for women, which fell just shy of stating: “No one is a bigger feminist than me.”

Trump followed his initial tweet calling for others to “join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America & around the world.” But let’s be clear, his version of honouring women—whether he’s “grabbing ’em by the pussy,” barging into in their dressing rooms, rating their attractiveness on a 10-point scale or simply being a big ol’ creep discussing his daughter’s dateability—is not behaviour that anyone should join in on.

Since my tiny woman voice hits a pitch that I know Donald Trump can’t possibly hear, it seems like the best way to respond to the hypocrisy of his tweets is with words from the only person the president listens to: himself.

Comments like these are just a small representation of what women have to deal with 364 days a year, so, Mr. President, please, do us all a favour today and honour International Women’s Day by just staying silent.

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