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DKNY PR Girl Shares 4 Ways to Crush It at Work

Avoid gossip, broaden your horizons, and be authentic... Clever career tips from Aliza Licht, a.k.a DKNY PR Girl


Aliza Licht,  DKNY PR Girl (@dkny)

DKNY’s senior vice-president of global communications, Aliza Licht—you know her as Twitter’s formerly anonymous DKNY PR GIRL (@dkny)—routinely allows more than half a million followers a view into her elite world as a fashion industry player. Now with her debut book, Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media. (Grand Central Publishing, $29), the vet is offering much more than 140-character quips. In chronicling her rise to the top, 40-year-old Licht serves up expert advice for anyone on the grind, including these gems.


Know the players Office politics are a nasty game, but carefully clocking potential opponents can help you triumph. Preserve your sanity by avoiding the gossipmonger, treading lightly with your high-strung boss and making sure there’s a paper trail for all dealings with the notorious idea pilferer.

Don’t fear a lateral move If your nine-to-five has grown stale, turn panic into productivity. Broaden your horizons and research whether your skills are transferable to a gig in an adjacent industry. (A PR maven’s penchant for storytelling, for example, could open doors in editorial.) Although a new opportunity might hold a similar title (say, account coordinator versus editorial coordinator), it could let you better flex your strengths and lead to more career satisfaction.

Keep it real on social media Maintain an authentic persona by embracing your unique talents (if you kick ass in the kitchen, share pointers and make alluring foodie pics your bread and butter), crediting any content that isn’t your own and not faking out your followers (please don’t brag about the bubbly at the latest Saint Laurent opening unless you were actually there).

Hustle harder Don’t forget: you’re being judged by everybody. If the question, “How would your team describe you?” sends you spiraling, then start honing in on what you can offer your employer and co-workers, and double your efforts to remind them of your worth. Is disorganization your downfall? Schedule periodic prioritization check-ins with your boss, and invest in a luxe planner you’ll actually want to use.

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