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“Decoding Ghomeshi’s Courtroom Style": An Apology

On Thursday, we posted a story that dissected Jian Ghomeshi’s choice of courtroom attire. We believed that the subject was worthy of conversation because Ghomeshi’s defence and public relations strategy is reflected, in part, in his choice of attire and grooming.

Many news organizations had already noted that Ghomeshi’s appearance was noticeably different from the image he has presented in the past. As part of reporting this piece, we consulted both a defence lawyer and an image consultant who advises defence lawyers on client appearance. This type of analysis is not unusual in high-profile court cases involving celebrities.

We regret that the original headline for the piece—“Decoding Jian Ghomeshi’s Courtroom Style”—misconstrued its intention, which was to discuss the strategy behind Ghomeshi’s choice in apparel. This article was in no way intended to be seen as light-hearted fashion commentary.

We would never trivialize the experiences of those victimized by sexual assault. (In fact, in our November 2014 issue, we published an investigative story on sexual assault and harassment in the fashion industry.) We staunchly support women’s rights and female empowerment. We’re sorry for the offence caused by Thursday’s post.