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Five Celebrity Predictions We're Calling for 2018

Like what the future has in store for Jelena

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It’s thisclose to 2018 and we can’t freakin’ wait for a fresh start, hbu? To get amped for the new year, we’ve got our predictions ready for next year’s biggest moments in the celebrity and pop culture worlds. ICYMI, 2017 ended with a v. special engagement and a reconciliation no one saw coming, so we can only expect 2018 to be BA-NA-NAS.

The fate of Jelena

Sorry, Jelena shippers, we love them as much as you do but the romance between these young lovebirds is just too tumultuous to stick. We think Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber will call it quits again next year, fuelling a new string of Selena-inspired songs from the Biebs.

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A royally good year

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s May 19 wedding will be most-anticipated event of the year—and will literally break the internet. And just a couple of weeks before the nuptials we’re all living for, Markle’s sister-in-law to-be will give birth to a new babe—our money is on another boy—making their little royal fam of five officially the cutest crew in the world. But if it is another little dude, what will his signature look be?

At least 13 Reasons to be v. excited for 2018

With second seasons of our fave shows—like Big Little Lies, 13 Reasons Why and The Handmaid’s Tale—on the way in 2018, we can count not only on some effing good TV watching, but major plot moves, and, we’re betting, new cameos and cast members to love as well (Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonnet on BLL, anyone?) On the big screen, we expect Ocean’s Eight to have bigger box office numbers than it’s all-male predecessor, and maybe even spark a new movie franchise.

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Arie will be a snooze and a half

Zzzzzzzz. Sorry, we just fell asleep thinking of the new (old) Bachelor. Sorry, Arie, but we don’t have high hopes for your season. Elsewhere in Bachelor Nation, we predict that Amanda Stanton will give up on Bachelor in Paradise and go on Winter Games, where she will date Peter Kraus—who has already been confirmed for the show. (She clearly has a thing for winners and runner-ups, see: Josh, Robby and Nick—who she had a crush once upon a time). And because we ship them hard, we’re betting/hoping Wells Adams will invite Sarah Hyland to Bachelor in Paradise to co-bartend with him for an episode. *Fingers crossed* Oh, and Arie will do DWTS after his season of The Bachelor. Because, duh.

Ladies first

Mindy Kaling will never reveal the father of her brand-new baby and we will cheer every damn time she shuts down a reporter who asks. Julia Louis-Dreyfus will complete her breast cancer treatment and be declared cancer-free. Veep and former IRL VP Joe Biden team up for an epic fundraiser to help others battling the disease. And finally, Kate McKinnon will break a Saturday Night Live record for appearing in the most skits in a single episode, making us worship the hilarious ground she walks on even more than we already do. 

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