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Can Cameron Diaz Make a Single Good Movie?

Find out why one writer hopes Diaz, who has a string of awful reviews, will follow Sandra Bullock's career path.

Cameron Diaz at the New York Premier of 'Sex Tape'. Keystone Press

Cameron Diaz at the New York premiere of Sex Tape (Keystone Press)

Pop Culture Provocative pop culture statement of the moment: Cameron Diaz can’t make a good movie. The opinion comes courtesy of Vulture writer Kyle Buchanan, who only had to look at the Sex Tape star’s consistently brutal ratings on Rotten Tomatoes to confirm the notion that she may just be the reigning queen of the cinematic dud. Buchanan is hopeful Diaz can turn things around by taking a page out of the career of Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar in 2010 after paying her dues for a decade in bad romcoms. Could Diaz have an Oscar in her future? Most certainly not if she makes Bad Teacher 2.

Health Another reason to get in your workout today: it can result in a core-gasm, or exercise-induced orgasm (EIO). Often called a myth (or wishful thinking), the idea that certain exercises that engage the abs will result in an unexpected sexual thrill has now been confirmed by researchers at the University of Indiana. The study also listed the most EIO-friendly exercises: climbing ropes or poles, biking and weightlifting. Who’s up for a spin class?

Fashion Prepare to see polka dots and white gloves on fall runways. Disney has signed on as sponsor of this fall’s World MasterCard Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Start-up Competition in Toronto—and there’s a cute catch. Finalists will be asked to design one look inspired by Minnie Mouse. World MasterCard Fashion Week kicks off October 20; the Disney contest winner will be announced on October 21.

Sex If a man is looking at your face it’s because he’s into you, romantically speaking. If he’s looking at your body, however, he’s considering you for sex-buddy status. That’s the news from researchers at the University of Chicago who determined that gaze—specifically where it’s directed—reveals a great deal about a person’s intentions when it comes to love and lust.

Beauty We’re besotted with makeup-free selfies at the moment, especially from celebs, but how far could you go with the ‘I woke up like this’ trend? Indiana University student Annie Garaumake, 20, is going all the way. She’s ditched makeup for 200-plus days so far in her quest to go makeup-free for one year. The results have been mixed: she gets less attention from men, but she’s also thinking less about her looks. Before you consider attempting the same feat, see what you’ll be missing in our 6 boss-lady appropriate pink lipsticks.