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Up Your Garnish Game for National Caesar Day!

In honour of National Caesar Day, let's go beyond the pickled bean. Here, the authors of A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails dreamt up 10 additional garnishes, listed in order of fanciness

caesar garnishes

Celery stick, you’re no longer the star

Baby’s got a brand new caesar recipe—two actually—but now it’s time to up your garnish game. Here, ten outside-the-glass options:

1. Storebought hot peppers stuffed with feta

2. Pickled daikon strips

3. Strips of bacon (or, even fancier, candied bacon)

4. Pickled whole jalapeños

5. Skewered garlic bread knots

6. Small, freshly-shucked oysters

7. Blistered padron or shishito peppers skewered with chunks of cured chorizo

8. Skewered mini-grilled cheeses

9. Skewered devilled eggs

10. Rosemary skewered bacon-wrapped scallops