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You Won't Hear These Two Words on Broad City

There are some things that are off limits in the upcoming season

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson (pictured) are back in the Broad City season 4 trailer
The Broad City gals aren’t afraid to drop f-bombs or talk about their vaginas and orgasms on TV. But on their upcoming fourth season, there’s two words that you won’t hear: Donald Trump.

“There’s no airtime for this orange (person),” the show’s co-creator Ilana Glazer told USA Today. “We bleep his name the whole season.”

While the new season tackles politics—including Trump—the decision to bleep the president’s name came when Glazer and Abbi Jacobson had to re-work a lot of the episodes to reflect the current political climate. The comedic duo told USA Today they wrote the season thinking Hillary Clinton would be elected president. “[After] this game-show host became president of our country; we rewrote a lot,” Glazer told the outlet.

Over a year since season three aired, Broad City recently released the trailer for its upcoming season—and it’s amazing. The trailer—set to “Get Right” by J.Lo—is 99 seconds of glory, where Glazer and Jacobson rock some seriously outrageous looks (think ’80s neon windbreakers, wigs and ballgowns) and drop some expletive-loaded one-liners. In true Broad City fashion, the trailer is filled with crude humour, political statements and hilarious sex scenes. The season airs August 23. Can’t wait? Neither can we.

Apart from forbidding the word “Trump,” here’s five things we know about season four so far.

There’s unreal guest appearances

The Broad City cast is already hilarious, and it’s only going to get better. Get ready for cameos from RuPaul, Shania Twain, Wanda Sykes and Steve Buscemi—to name a few.

It’s super sex-positive, as per usual

The show is known for not shying away from women’s sexuality—and this season is no exception. In the trailer, we see Ilana examining her vagina with a mirror (“straight up gorgeous,” she says), possibly having a threesome and masturbating while swearing about U.S. President Donald Trump.

Lincoln is back

After Ilana and Lincoln (played by Hannibal Buress) split in season three, there was speculation that Buress would be leaving the show. Good news: he didn’t! In the trailer, we see Ilana—wearing an orange wig with bangs—making eyes with Lincoln, leading us to believe that the two friends-with-benefits may be back together as something more…

It gets political, again

Hillary Clinton made an amazing cameo in season three when Ilana found herself volunteering at the presidential nominee’s campaign headquarters. This season, Ilana and Abbi sport pink “pussy hats” while interrupting a pro-life protest and also tackle the topic of Trump.

Road trip?

The duo visit what appears to be Florida, where they visit a gun-enthusiast grandma. Driving around with frizzy hair in a convertible, they get Botox and rock some serious sun visors.

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