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2017's Best Movies Are Based on These Incredible Books

Before you see these titles on the big screen, cosy up next to them in bed

A collage of books on a purple backgroundDon’t get us wrong—we loooove a good film. But an incredible film based on an unreal book? Uh, yes please!

From the moving Call Me by Your Name to the thrilling Molly’s Game, these books-turned-blockbusters are seriously amazing in their own right. So before you catch one of these flicks, do yourself a favour and grab any one of these titles. You won’t regret it, we promise.

Here, the books you’re going to want to read before watching their movie adaptations.

The cover of Molly's Game

Molly’s Game by Molly Bloom

Gambling, drugs, the Russian mob and stories of A-list celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck partaking in high-stake poker games are all found in this fascinating memoir by Molly Bloom. In Molly’s Game (HarperCollins, $20), Bloom shares how she went from being a cocktail waiter in L.A. to running one of the largest—and most lucrative—underground poker clubs in the world. Her elite club was frequented by actors, athletes and billionaires. At the height of her game, Bloom was taking home a cool $4 million USD a year. Intrigued yet?

In the film, which is set to be released in select theatres Nov. 22, a fierce Jessica Chastain plays Bloom—and a supreme Idris Elba plays her lawyer Charlie Jaffey, who is tasked with defending Bloom after the U.S. government comes after her. While the movie is incredibly suspenseful, the book is just as captivating and shares intimate details about how powerful Hollywood men (like asshole Tobey Maguire) really act behind closed doors.

The cover of book MudboundMudbound by Hillary Jordan

Hillary Jordan’s Mudbound (HarperCollins, $19) is a must-read novel. This 2008 bestseller is set in the racially charged Mississippi Delta following World War II, and tells the story of two families living on a swampy farm: one white, the McAllans, and one Black, the Jacksons. Jordan’s book not only captures an important time in history, it also sheds light on PTSD, poverty and forbidden relationships.

The book even has the stamp of approval from Garret Hedlund, who plays Jamie McAllan in the Dee Rees-directed adaptation. “Hillary Jordan painted such a wonderful world in this canvas she wrote,” Hedlund told FLARE. “There were a lot of aspects that I could draw from.”

The film premieres on Netflix on Nov. 17, and in addition to Hedlund, it features a seriously unreal all-star cast: Mary J. Blige, Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke and Jason Mitchell. We highly recommend reading the book AND binging the film.

The cover of the book Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman

Call Me by Your Name (Picador, $24) tells the story of the relationship between 17-year-old Elio, the son of a respected academic, and 24-year-old Oliver, a postdoc teaching at Columbia University. Set in the Italian Rivera during a sweaty 1980s summer, Oliver is invited by Elio’s father to spend six weeks at his property to work on his manuscript. Elio soon becomes infatuated with Oliver, and Oliver soon falls for him, too.

Bringing the poetic novel to life is Armie Hammer as Oliver and Timothée Chalamet as Elio. While you wait for the film to be released on Dec. 16, pick up a copy of the highly praised book and get lost in a captivating coming-of-age story. 

Cover of the book The Mountain Between Us

The Mountain Between Us by Charles Martin

A winter storm brings two strangers together at Salt Lake City airport. After journalist Ashley Knox and Dr. Ben Payne learn that their commercial flight is cancelled due to bad weather, the pair decide to hire a charter plane to head east and get them back home. Ashley is trying to make her own wedding, while Ben has surgeries scheduled for the next day. But, instead of a safe landing, their plane crashes into the harsh, snow-covered mountains of Utah.

The Mountain Between Us (Penguin Random House, $14) is a wilderness novel that explores what happens when complete strangers are forced to rely on each other to survive. In the recently released movie adaptation, Kate Winslet (Ashley) and Idris Elba (Ben) bring the dramatic story to life, conveying the emotion that comes with near-death experiences. Much like the film, the book keeps you on the edge of your seat—and makes you want to stay on land.

The cover of the book Disobedience Disobedience by Naomi Alderman 

When Ronit Krushka finds out her estranged Rabbi father has died, she temporarily leaves New York and returns to her Orthodox Jewish community in England where she has been disowned. While she sets out to retrieve her mother’s Shabbat candlesticks, Ronit—who has abandoned her religion—reconnects with Esti, her former lover who is to marry her cousin Dovid. If it sounds like a recipe for controversy, it is. Disobedience (Simon & Schuster, $21), explores what happens when forbidden relationships form and how religion, culture and family can come between matters of the heart.

In the film adaptation, Rachel Weitz stars as Ronit and Rachel McAdams plays Esti. When Weitz was in Toronto for the film’s premiere at TIFF in September, she spoke about how the book inspired her to tell the story on the big screen.

“I loved the book because it had not one, but two really fascinating textured female roles and a really wonderful male role,” she said. “Even though it’s set in this tiny community in north London, I thought the themes were very, very universal.”

Get reading Disobedience now ’cause the movie will be released in 2018.

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