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If You Only Watch One Episode of Black Mirror Season 4, Make It "Black Museum"

Get ready, it's creepy AF

A man speaks to a woman in a museum. There is a teddy bear in a glass case behind them and they appear to be serious. This is a screenshot from Netflix's Black Mirror episode Black Museum

(Courtesy of Netflix)

The wait is over and our fave futuristic series that feels a bit too close to reality is back—and it’s just as creepy as ever.

Season 4 of the Emmy-award winning series Black Mirror starts streaming on Netflix starting Dec. 29, just in time for a solid New Year’s binge. This season is comprised of six self-contained episodes, each following different characters through completely different storylines. The only uniting theme is the exploration of how seemingly exciting advances in technology, like a dating system that maps out your perfect match, can have extremely dark consequences.

This anthology series quickly became a fan-favourite thanks to mind-bending episodes like Season 3’s “Nosedive,” which was set in a world where the number of social media “likes” you earn determines your status in society. But if you’re like me, watching too much of this series can make everything from Amazon’s Alexa to Virtual Reality gaming seem like the beginning of the end. I get it. It’s a lot to take in. So, if you’re only able to handle one episode from Season 4, make it Black Museum. (Shout out goes to Arkangel for being a close second)

As a single woman on far too many dating apps, I went into Season 4 of Black Mirror expecting to be enthralled/horrified by “Hang the DJ,” this season’s look at a dating service that through a series of matches, promises to ultimately deliver your soulmate. But Black Museum took me by surprise.

The episode is an anthology within an anthology and begins when a young unnamed woman, played by actress Letitia Wright, stops in at roadside tourist attraction, Black Museum, to kill time while her car charges. As the attraction’s sole visitor, she is treated to a private tour by museum’s owner Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge). Haynes takes her through the crime museum, showcasing his various high-tech inventions, such as a device that allows a doctor to literally feel a patient’s pain without any physical repercussions or another gadget that allows the transfer of human consciousness from a body into an object (one of the concepts that Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has frequently explored through the series). *Spoiler alert* that teddy bear in the pic above? It contains more than fluff and love. Oh boy, I just got shivers.

Haynes shows the young woman three items in the museum, each time detailing the backstory for how the technology was developed and ultimately why it ended up in the museum and not out on the market. The tour culminates with Haynes’s career highlight, the pièce de résistance of the museum, which is an advancement in tech that will truly make you question if we should all just unplug now. I won’t ruin the ending, but like many of Black Mirror‘s previous standout stories, “Black Museum” takes a turn that will have you looking like that wide-eyed emoji. Trust, this episode packs everything we have come to love, and fear, from Black Mirror into just over an hour—and you won’t be able to look away.


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