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Hbd Billy Eichner! 10 Times the Comedian Made Us Love Him Even More

You know him from 'Billy On The Street', wherein Billy yells pop culture references at unknowing pedestrians, but there are SO many other reasons to obsess over him

Billy Eichner on red carpet wearing suit and bowtie

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Producer, writer, actor and comedian, Billy Eichner never stops working. The Queens native—who once described himself as “a fat, gay Jewish kid”—has over/under 1 million projects on the go at any given time, and each one is distinctly unique from the last.

He writes, produces and maniacally stars in his iconic sketch series Billy On The Street. He plays Sarah Paulson’s weirdo next-door neighbour on the current season of American Horror Story. He tries to get famous opposite Julie Klausner in the hilarious sitcom, Difficult People and, more recently, he took on the role of uptight doctor boyfriend in the new Netflix series Friends From CollegeAnd that’s just skimming the surface of what the 39-year old has already accomplished.

Anyone who has LOL’d at Eichner’s comedy knows that his shtick is deadpan sarcasm with a side of shade, and that’s part of what makes him so goddamn lovable. Not only that, but Eichner, who is openly gay, has loudly and proudly advocated for LGBTQ rights and the need for LGBTQ representation in the TV and film industry.

Although he didn’t scoop an Emmy last night, Eichner will always be a winner in our hearts. In honour of his birthday (today!!), here are the top 10 times he’s made us smile.

billy eichner gif saying "I;m gonna read you a lyric and you tell me whether it was spoken by John Mayer or beloved skunk Pepe le Pew"

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1. When Billy shared that he’s had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly since he was seven years old

“…I would read it cover to cover. My parents would take me to Broadway shows and indie movies and foreign films and big studio movies, and I absorbed everything,” Eichner told the New York Times. “But as I got older, I realized: This is ridiculous. I still love it all, but I use up a lot of space in my brain to think about these things.” Ugh, Billy—we love that you’re *this* self-aware.

2. …And that he used to put on a suit to watch the Oscars as a wee one

“I have a vivid memory of my dad walking me to school when I was 9 on the morning of the Oscars, which was usually a Monday, and I was just so excited that I could not focus on anything else,” Eichner shared with the Being Jewish I never had that experience.” target=”_blank”>Hollywood Reporter. “I could not focus on school. I imagine that’s what kids feel on Christmas when they wake up to, like, open up gifts under a tree. Being Jewish I never had that experience.”

3. When he took Billy On The Street to Sesame Street, AKA the nicest street around

4. When Eichner went on Carpool Karaoke with his total opposites: the band Metallica 

“Oh, Metallica and I are gettin’ along great.”

5. When he met his sass-match with this rando pedestrian named Elena 

6. When he used his Late Night With Seth Meyers interview to launch an Emmy smear campaign against the other nominees in his category, including Saturday Night Live and Tracy Ullman

“What is another award going to do for Saturday Night Live?!”

7. When he continued his Emmy campaign by merging his hilar sarcasm with his loathing for the current U.S. president

8. When Eichner and pal Keegan-Michael Key showed how absurdly easy it is to buy a gun in the U.S. with a  sketch called Super Sloppy, Semi-Automatic Double Dare!

“If you’re on the terrorist watchlist in this country, you can’t get a gun… OH WAIT—YES YOU CAN!”

9. When he shared our love for Canadian diva/chanteuse Celine Dion

10. And finally, when he hung out with our fave cast liiiiiike ever: the This Is Us crew

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