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Our Go-to Sad Movies, TV Shows and YouTube Vids for When You Need a Good Cry

Get the tissues ready because trust, you're going to need 'em

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Listen, 2017 was a rough year. We are officially in the depths of winter, we’re poss on the brink of a nuclear war and it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear that v. cute white dress you got this summer. We get it. If you feel yourself bursting with feels—you know, those ready-to-tear-up-at-the-slightest-mention-of-a-puppy-or-glimpse-of-a-baby kind of feels—you are not alone and we are here to help you let it all out.

We asked our editors to share their go-to movies, TV shows and YouTube videos for when they need a good cry, and oh sweet sorrow, did they deliver. From mentions of My Girl to specific scenes from About a Boy, this roundup has all the classic tearjerkers and even a few surprises. TBH, we pretty much wept at our desks while putting this post together. We ain’t ashamed.

So wash off your makeup and grab a box of tissues because this list is basically guaranteed to get those tears flowing.

This gallery was originally published on Nov. 2, 2017

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