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Is Another Canadian Actor Joining the Riverdale Cast?

Ottawa's Vanessa Morgan is already confirmed for Season 2, but a recently deleted Insta story post suggests Vancouver-born Avan Jogia might be the second Canadian actor to make an appearance on Riverdale

Avan Jogia on Riverdale

Avan Jogia (Photo: Getty)

A now-deleted Instagram story has our hearts aflutter at the thought of the gorgeous and talented Avan Jogia potentially joining the cast of Riverdale.

Vancouver-born Jogia, who you probs know as Beck Oliver from Nickelodeon’s Victorious, or King Tut in the Tut miniseries, posted two pics to his Instagram story on August 24 that were promptly deleted.

Twitter user @atjupdates managed to grab a screenshot of of what looks to be an old-school Archie comic version of Veronica Lodge, with the text “THINGS COMING” and “COMING SOON” over top.

Could the “things” that are “coming soon” be the beautiful Jogia joining Riverdale as a secret long-lost Lodge family member? Or maybe Veronica’s new love interest?!

We know, we know: we could be reading too much into this. But celebs regularly delete social media posts when they accidentally reveal too much info about secret projects. And Jogia is currently back in Vancouver, where Riverdale is shot, wrapping up his new horror series, Ghost Wars. Coincidence??

A couple Twitter users have noticed that Riverdale is actually kind of similar to Twisted, a show Jogia starred in from 2013–2014, so it wouldn’t be a huge departure for him.

And just because Lili Reinhart shut down the rumour that Jake Paul was coming onto the show to play her secret brother doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be ANY surprise cast additions…

Let’s just say that we can’t WAIT until all is revealed during the season premiere on October 11.

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