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Apple's New Emojis Will Have Your iMessage and IG Captions Lit

Are you even ready for this new new?

Some of the Apple new emojis like the scarf, trench coat and pie.
If you can’t handle any more of this week’s grim news, Apple is here to distract you with some posi vibes for the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. Behold, Apple’s next wave of emojis, heading to your iPhone screen with iOS 11.1 in the coming weeks.

I mean, if I had a dollar for every time I wanted to text about broccoli (not even kidding, it’s a grocery staple), I’d have at least a cool $20 to toss in my Whole Foods fund. And that’s not all, baby! There’s pie, a cute scarf, a Chinese food takeout box and so. much. more. among the 56 new emojis.

But aside from expanding our culinary iMessage vocabulary considerably with various cruciferous veggies and desserts, Apple is also making its emojis more inclusive by introducing gender-neutral people—including a freakin’ merperson—and, as previously reported, a woman wearing a hijab, although Apple hasn’t released that final image in its latest wave of pics.

If you just can’t wait to download the new iOS 11.1 in a few weeks (exact date TBD), the update will be available next week as part of Apple’s public beta-testing program, where you can test-drive new software and features by signing up for here.

Peep a sneak peek at 29 of the new emojis here and just imagine the wordless possibilities:

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