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10 Reads to Get You Primed For the 2016 U.S. Presidential Debate

Excited for the debate tonight, but don't really understand the chaos you're about to encounter? We rounded up 10 resources to help you prep before Trump vs Clinton goes down


If you want all the details
Courtesy of The New York Times, “How to Watch the First Debate and How It Works” contains every basic detail you need to know about the debate, from start time to who to follow along with on Twitter to the disappointing fact that silver fox Anderson Cooper won’t be moderating.

If you want a who’s-who of celebrity endorsements
Want to vote like a Kardashian? Think Jesse Eisenberg’s political opinion is sound? Los Angeles Times’ “Celebrity Endorsement Tracker” continuously collects the (ever-changing) celebrity endorsements so you don’t have to waste time scrolling through 60 different social media feeds.

If you want to ditch your bias
Any debate, even without a candidate as polarizing as Trump or Clinton, can get people pretty heated. Fortunately, NPR has a 5-point guide for how to watch with an open mind, including pro tips like “go with content over confidence.”

If you want to know why tonight’s such a yuuuuge moment
Like everything in a U.S. election, the debates are a marathon, not a race. There may be three debates in total before voting starts, but according to The Washington Post, tonight’s is the one to watch.

If you want to play true or false
In case you haven’t picked up a paper, listened to the radio, turned on the TV or surfed the ole web in the past two years, a lot of what comes out of Trump’s mouth is lies. Toronto Star Washington correspondent Daniel Dale has been meticulously gathering all of the horrifying/hilarious non-truths the Republican candidate says every single day. Watch his Twitter feed tonight.

If you want to read an impassioned pitch to millennials 
Hillary Clinton recently penned an essay for Mic., sharing what she’s learned about “the most open, diverse and entrepreneurial generation in [America’s] history.” Because we’re the future, and she knows it.

If you want to understand why Gennifer Flowers is no longer an issue
In a move meant to rattle Clinton, Trump invited Gennifer Flowers—via Twitter—to sit front row at the first debate. Flowers had a 12-year affair with Bill Clinton, but as The Washington Post’s astute article shows, the invitation blew up in his face. Cue all that stuff about glass houses, throwing stones, pots calling kettles, etc.

If you want to know why Clinton is weary of “the media”
Long before Clinton became the first female presidential nominee in U.S. history, she stared down sexism from the media on the regs. The Guardian revisits it all in “You Don’t Fit the Image: Hillary Clinton’s Decades-Long Push Against a Sexist Press,” reaching right back to 1979 when a moron in a hideous tie asked her to address the fact that she didn’t go by her governor husband’s name… P.S. don’t get us started on that Spy magazine cover either.

If you want to know how Trump has been prepping
Apparently Trump thinks you can over-prepare for a debate that millions will be watching and that could be a determining factor in who becomes the next U.S. president. Like us, Vanity Fair knows that 90 minutes of off-script, I’m-just-going-to-wing-it Trump is going to produce plenty of WTF moments.

If you need a drink
Let us direct you to the official Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump Debate Drinking Game. You’re welcome.

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