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9 Questions We Want Answered on the Serial Finale

There are more than a few Serial fans in the FLARE office. Here are 10 burning questions we really hope host Sarah Koenig addresses before the end

Serial finale

(Photo: Serial Facebook)

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read the below if you have not listened to episodes 1 through 11 of the world’s most popular podcast, Serial. You’ve been warned….






Host Sarah Koenig dropped a bomb at the end of last week’s episode of Serial. Episode 12 will be the last. The Serial finale is upon us and frankly, I’m not ready. Our pick for Best Pop Culture Addiction of 2014 is more than just a crime story. It’s about the act of investigation and the vagaries of human crime-solving. It’s about the justice system (and the prejudices and mistakes within) and the very nature of mankind (could Adnan do it?) rather than solving the crime itself. These layers are what makes it so addictive. I commiserated with my fellow Serial-obsessives here at FLARE about the nine things we hope get wrapped up this Thursday.

1/ How much does Jen Pusateri really know about the crime and why didn’t the police push further? Remember when she said Jay cleaned the, “Shovels, uh, shovel. I don’t know how many there were.”

2/ Who really called Nisha that day?

3/ Who was the person with the foreign accent who tipped the police off about Adnan?

4/ What was the Adnan rumour that host Sarah Koenig spent weeks investigating; the one that nearly finished the show?

5/ Why was Hae’s time of death pegged to a phone call (at 2:36 p.m.) rather than to a window of time?

6/ Was Don’s alibi really that airtight, especially if the time of death wasn’t prior to 2:36 p.m.?

7/ As sad and perhaps distasteful as it is, will we ever hear about Hae’s autopsy? Did she have defense wounds?

8/ Crime experts often classify strangling as a very personal killing method. Will Koenig touch on this? How does it weigh against Adnan? Or even Jay? Or Don? Or perhaps some other friend or local?

9/ Will Koenig address the theories on reddit?

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