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9 Beauty Services You Can Get on Bunz For a Bottle of Wine

Eyelash extensions, manicures or your next tattoo—join the online community that trades these services for booze, baked goods or your old treasures

bunz trading zone

What started in Toronto as a small Facebook group between friends has turned into a major online marketplace where currency isn’t really currency at all—it’s a barter system. Known as Bunz Trading Zone, the concept was so successful membership numbers quickly rose from just a couple hundred to almost 50,000 people (or “buns” as they call each other) and the app—which has received some investor funding—is gaining followers rapidly. For those who don’t know, the BTZ is a place for trading used items such as bikes, furniture, art or clothing (or pretty much anything, really). As the group has grown, we’ve also seen buns posting about services for trade. So the manicure or pedicure that would have cost upwards of $35 can be procured on BTZ in exchange for a bottle of wine, some tokens or perhaps you have some old jeans for trade? If Bunz Trading Zone has taught us anything it’s that any trade is possible. Here is a sampling of some recent options!

Alcohol, a small desk
It’s sandal season—and also spring cleaning time!—so why not get a pedi on a budget while also moving out some unused furniture? Save the trip to the salon and have someone from Bunz come to you for the price of a bottle of wine or that desk you haven’t used since college.

Massage Therapy
 A van to help move some furniture, concert tickets
If you’ve got a van or an extra pair of concert tickets, one BTZ member is offering professional massage therapy services. Another bun was trading old boardgames for Thai massage.

Hair Cuts
Candy, T-shirts, grocery store gift cards, plants, furniture, a camera, Pokemon cards
Whether you need a trim or want to update your entire look, the Zone has got your hair needs covered. Stylists looking for hair models and new clients frequent the group offering cuts and dyes to the bun with the best offer.

 Dog/cat toys, cat food, coffee table, vacuum cleaner
Whether it’s your brows, legs or lip, get your waxing services done by a professional waxing bun in exchange for some cat food or dog toys, natch.

 Gift cards, Pokemon cards, various books, MacBook charger, alcohol, haircuts
Get some new body art from a local Toronto tattoo artist! Different artists offer different styles of tattoos, so keep an eye out for a style you like and make and offer.

 Wine, gift cards
If you’re getting dreads for the first time or are looking to revamp the ones you currently have, look out for the BTZ member making custom extensions from real and synthetic hair. The extensions are semi-permanent and can be designed to suit your personal style.

Eyelash Extensions
TTC tokens, old jewellery, art, alcohol
Eyelash extension are one of the latest must-try trends in beauty services. How they work: faux lashes, generally made from mink hair, are glued to each individual eye lash making lashes look longer and fuller—meaning you can skip mascara for the next four to six weeks. Certainly worth a nice bottle of red, right?

Vegan baked goods, wine, clothes, produce, jewellery
Get together with an entire group of buns for a yoga session in the park. Admission is the price of your favourite vegan treat or maybe that old necklace you don’t wear anymore.

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