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8 Cool Online Courses For Your Try-Something-New Resolution

Yup, it's on our 2016 goals list, too. Here are 8 super interesting courses you can fit into your sched any time

Cool online courses

Get Your Learn On Anywhere, Anytime

French Photography
Where: MIT, via Courseware
Cost: Free
Starts: Any time
Length: 15 weeks
The next best thing to a trip to Paris? Immerse yourself in the world of French photography. This course examines the work of prominent photogs from the 1820s to the present day, and analyzes the role of images in our modern lives. If nothing else, you’ll at least find some pretty choice images for your Insta #TBT’s.

Listening to World Music
Where: University of Pennsylvania, via Coursera
Cost: Free
Starts: TBA
Length: 7 weeks
Bieber and Drake are amazing and all, but maybe it’s time to expand our listening taste beyond our Canadian borders…. This course introduces students to everything from Tuvan throat singers to Buena Vista Social Club.

Where: University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
Cost: $649
Starts: January 25
Length: 8 weeks
It’s $$$ for sure, but if you’ve been sitting on a dream of one day writing a screenplay, this course might be the push you need to finally make it happen—and get the tools and feedback to actually make it good. Bonus: it includes screenings!

Buddhism and Modern Psychology
Where: Princeton University, via Coursera
Cost: Free
Starts: Any time
Length: 6 weeks
Consider this the perfect complement to your weekly yoga class. This course looks at whether mediation actually makes us happier, through the lenses of neuroscience and modern psychology.

World of Wine: From Grape to Glass
Where: The University of Adelaide, via
Cost: Free; add a verified certificate for $72
Starts: Any time
Length: 6 weeks
Not for those subjecting themselves to “Dryuary”—this course requires a glass of vino at hand. Learn to enjoy wine on a deeper level, and how to accurately describe its aroma, taste and appearance—just don’t turn into that poncy friend no one wants to go to dinner with. Bonus: you get to make your own virtual wine (we’re not quite sure what that is, but we’re intrigued)!

Making Sense of News
Where: University of Hong Kong, via
Cost: Free; add a verified certificate for $72
Starts: February 16, 2016
Length: 5 weeks
The title of the course could just as well be called “Orangize My Feed”—we could all use a little help digging through the mountain of information we get buried in daily to pick out the important nuggets.

Portrait Project: Fixing a Group Photo
Cost: Free with monthly subscription (starting at $29 per month)
Starts: Any time
Length: 50 minutes
You may have perfected the art of enhancing your selfie, but ‘shopping a group photo requires a whole other skill set. Brighten and retouch, tweak positioning—even mask two pictures together. Your friends will love you.

Psychology of Political Activism: Women Changing the World
Where: Smith College, via
Cost: Free; add a verified certificate for $70
Starts: March 14, 2016
Length: 7 weeks
Ever wonder what makes some people to want to change the world, while others are perfectly content to chill in a sheet mask? (Cough, cough.) Learn what motivated women like Gloria Steinham and Loretta Ross and harness that inspo for your own life.

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