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12 Apps for Snapping Your Best #Selfie

Glowing skin, enhanced lighting and endless photo collages are just taps away with our app guide to your best selfie ever

a selfie app can help perfect your pictures

(Photo: ImaxTree)


What it does: Take all the work out of the editing process because this app literally does it all. The main feature is the ability to cut out manual editing and simply remove all unwanted bags, spots and blemishes from your face in one fell swoop. Don’t believe it? Check out the in-app before and after shots.
Cost: Free


What it does: This is the go-to app for anyone who is anyone on Insta. It’s pricey (by app standards), but skip your morning Starbucks run and prepare to take full advantage of the investment. Facetune combines the more serious parts of Photoshop (minus the 400,000 features no one knows how to use) with a similar platform to many other editing apps an easy-to-use experience. Feel free to chisel your cheekbones, trim your waist or give yourself baby soft skin, if that’s what you’re into. Or just add a little extra mascara to tired eyes—we’re not judging.
Cost: $5.49


What it does: For a serious makeover, this app has over 100 different preset makeup options for even the most beauty-challenged among us. Available for Android and iPhone, choose between various occasions like evening, prom or celebrity to pick the level of look you’re going for. Whether you upload your own selfie or take one in-app, a little extra help from the perfect eyeliner can go a long way.
Cost: Free


What it does: Similar to Facetune but for a whole lot less, this app allows you to enhance your face for a seriously perfect selfie. Manually select a face in an image or let the app detect it for you, and then get to work either adding preset makeup looks or manually enhancing brows, adding lashes and plumping lips. Check out the hair tab to see if you really do look good blonde before hitting the salon or add highlights to your selfie for that “I have the time and money to get fresh colour” look.
Cost: Free + in-app purchase


What it does: Kind of like Snapchat, Snow is a video sharing app that allows you to add cute filters, text and drawings to share with friends both individually and in group chats. Add videos to your story and see who views them or upload from your camera roll and use as many live face effects as needed to create a fun selfie.
Cost: Free


What it does: For an immersive experience, VSCO users can create an account to post their pics while enjoying the benefits of the in-app editing tools. From a Kim K meets 35mm film vibe to professional wedding photographer-quality, this app has the best of the best when it comes to filters and tools. The community of users makes editing and posting a selfie a joint affair and pushes you to stay on top of your game.
Cost: Free + in-app purchases


What it does: From the usual contrast and brightness adjustments to Photoshop-style settings like curves and fade, the 15 enhancement tools available on this app take your pics to the next level. Filterra also boasts the largest collection of filters and effects in the App Store, so you can go crazy with frames, stickers and vintage light overlays. Winning feature? The Compare setting allows for side-by-side view for when you’re torn between your fave filters.
Cost: Free + in-app purchases

Selfie apps to make the most of your big night

K.Stew hamming it up for a fan selfie (Photo: REX/Shutterstock)


What it does: You may have perfected your photo skills, but what about the video-selfie? This app includes more than 90 filters that can be applied real-time as you shoot. And if one velfie isn’t enough, you can combine up to nine reels into one collage. Plus, B612 is selfie-stick compatible!
Cost: Free + in-app purchases

YouCam Perfect

What it does: This one’s not for rookies. YouCam Perfect lets users tweak bone structure, whiten teeth and remove blemishes and under eye circles. While the idea of replicating a nose job in our pics has us feeling a bit squirmy, we’re all for adding a bit of digital blush on the days when we just don’t have time for makeup.
Cost: Free

Adobe Photoshop Mix

What it does: If you’re all about photo collages, this app is going to change your game. Instead of merely dropping pics into a square template, you can actually layer images over each other and adjust the opacity for each. Or, get really fancy with the Smart-Selection tool, which allows you to cut and paste part of a picture onto a different background.
Cost: Free


What it does: Ever want to tweak the brightness, contrast or saturation for just part of your picture rather than the whole thing? We feel you. The Selective tool in this app lets you work on smaller areas within your photo, so you can focus on the spots that need it. It also has tons of borders and filters (we love Glamour Glow, FYI), and even dodge and burn functions that darkroom photogs will appreciate. Tip: Try a little burning under your cheekbones to chisel them in a snap!
Cost: Free


What it does: This app wins for most robust. It’s got all the editing tools (whiten teeth, remove blemishes, fix red-eye) and adjustable filters you can dream of, plus you can layer photos, stylize them to look like a painting, add text overtop (sooo many fonts to choose from!) and doodle on your image, Snapchat styles. If you only have space for one app, this is the one to get.
Free + in-app purchases

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