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5 Things We Hope To See on Mariah's World

It's Mimi's world and we're all just living in it. We can't wait to get an inside look at the ultimate diva's fab life, on and off the stage, when her new E! docuseries hits the air

Mariah's World

(PHOTO: E! Online)

Mariah’s first apartment was an 11,000 square foot Tribeca multi-level penthouse and the world was lucky enough to get a tour courtesy of MTV’s Cribs, circa 2002. It was Mimi in her natural habitat—the walk-in lingerie closet, the handmaiden who dressed her while she walked and the chandeliers in the bathroom (good lighting never rests). We saw everything we could have dreamed of…except for the things she didn’t want us to see, like her bedroom and Marilyn Monroe’s piano.

Get ready to bask in the elusive chanteuse’s glow once again—Mariah is filming a reality show. Excuse us, we mean a “docuseries.” According to a recent New York Times article, the eight-part E! special is about life on the road with Team Mariah, and is set to debut later this year as early as this summer. As the story points out, her Cribs episode has reached cult status, and if Mariah’s World manages to capture the essence of the butterfly-themed guest room/fanmail storage space, we won’t be disappointed. Here are 5 things we’ll be watching for:

Beauty Tips Galore: Any old celebrity can have a glam squad, but we’re guessing it takes a village to keep Mariah looking like an expensive, rare flower. Although she doesn’t divulge the secret to her youthful glow and trim physique (can you believe she’s had twins?! She sometimes mentions it…), the docuseries may finally shed some light on the travelling band of hair extension experts, waist cinchers, nipple tweakers, eyebrow massagers and Photoshop consultants that keep her looking like she stepped off the set of “Honey.” She’s never claimed to be low-maintenance.

Innovations in Horizontal Calisthenics: Celebs are always onto new fitness trends, from brilliantly-marketed-to-disguise-its-hellishness indoor cycling to Goop-approved “roller workouts.” Mariah is committed to one thing: lying down. Let’s not forget, this woman has a chaise lounge in her kitchen to avoid being upright for unreasonable lengths of time (read: any length of time). Staying off her feet, at all costs, is priority number one in Mariah’s health and wellness regimen. She has gone so far as to commission a specialized rolling makeup chair, lest she have to walk to the stage while she’s getting her makeup touched up. How uncouth.
PS: When she does feel the need for fitness, she jumps on the treadmill. In heels.

Lavish Downtime: Mariah’s life is, as you can imagine, exhausting. Performing for her adoring Lambily is her passion but it takes a toll on the legendary songstress. To decompress from the pressure of being one of the most beloved musical icons of our time, she needs a yacht. A huge, luxurious yacht with a full staff of butlers, caterers, maids and strolling assistants for those bleak moments that she must be upright. Seeing as our Mimi recently gave Australian billionaire James Packer the honour of becoming her fiancé, there will be plenty of well-deserved holidays in her future. And if the gods are just, a private island as a token of appreciation for her walking down the aisle. Again.

A+ Shade: Mariah’s had her share of feuds over the years (Nicki Minaj on American Idol, Eminem, Christina Aguilera), but it’s her one line, in reference to Jennifer Lopez, that has become the verbal epitome of shade: “I don’t know her.” Uttered in the early 2000s, it is one of the most GIF-able moments in Mariah world history. She was recently asked by TMZ about the quote and simply said, “I still don’t know her.” The Queen of the Lambily has spoken.

Mariah Carey

Learning the True Meaning of 24/7: Like most geniuses (Einstein, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Beethoven), Mariah does not keep typical hours. Instead, she often wakes late in the day (or early evening) and will assemble a hair and makeup team at midnight, 1 a.m., 2 a.m.—whenever she feels the need to start her day, really. How this affects her ability to manage appointments or a schedule will be a real lesson in creative timekeeping. Legends don’t work 9 to 5, dahling.

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