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30 Under 30: Sorcha Beirne, Activist

Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world. Prepare to be hella inspired by Sorcha Beirne

(PHOTO: KIANA MOZAFFARI) sorcha beirne


Activist / 17

Twitter: @eatyrvegetables

Last July, the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton—New Brunswick’s last remaining abortion centre—closed after the provincial government withdrew funding. As the clinic performed its final procedure, about 100 young women marched in protest, with Sorcha Beirne leading the charge. The Grade 12 student, a Ramona Flowers punkette with an always-changing hair colour and a permanent scarlet pout, became a feminist in her early teens, having stumbled on to the lady-blog collective. When she was 15, she founded the Fredericton Youth Feminists, an advocacy group devoted to educating young women about their rights, and focused her attention on reproductive health—a crucial mission in the province with the fastest-rising teen pregnancy rate in the country. “New Brunswick is super conservative, so our sex ed is based on things like abstinence,” she says. “I want to encourage young people to think critically, to question how they’re being treated.”

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