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30 Under 30: Sabrina Jalees, Comedian

Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world. Prepare to be hella inspired by Sabrina Jalees

Sabrina Jalees

(Photo: Mindy Tucker)

Comedian / 29
Twitter: @sabrinajalees; YouTube: SABRINAJALEESdotCOM

Sabrina Jalees is not the type to get stage fright. As a teen in Toronto, whenever she went to the movies, she’d stand up at the front of the theatre and make “weird” fake announcements, like, “Please enjoy I Know What You Did Last Summer. Remember, Jennifer Love Hewitt will be joining us for a Q & A after the credits.” At 16, she did her first stand-up show at Yuk Yuk’s and then became the youngest improviser Second City ever hired—breaking Mike Myers’ record. “From that first time onstage, I was in love with stand-up,” she says. “Finding a place to funnel my attention-seeking, laugh-craving side was amazing.” Since then, Jalees has continued to kill it onstage, tackling tricky issues such as being Muslim, Pakistani and gay with honesty, insight and rapier wit. Now living in New York City, Jalees has a weekly podcast featuring fellow female comedians (and her mom, who calls in), a series in development with one of the co-creators of Inside Amy Schumer, and a second show in the works based on her web series, How Many Questions. All of this success isn’t going to her head; Jalees stresses that it’s important to stay humble and keep mastering her craft. “You’ve gotta look at life’s kicks in the teeth in search of the positive,” she says. “Thanks, life! Now I can make a cool tooth necklace!”

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