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30 Under 30: Kaillie Humphries, Bobsledder

Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world. Prepare to be hella inspired by Kaillie Humphries

Kaillie Humphries

(Photo: Keystone Press)

Bobsledder / 29
Twitter: @BobsledKaillie

To hear Kaillie Humphries tell it, making it to the Olympics was never her goal; it was more a matter of finding the right sport. At 16, she switched from Alpine skiing to bobsledding; she wasn’t a good enough skier to get to the Games, so she found a sport she was better at. It’s that stubborn self-confidence that earned the Calgary native back-to-back gold medals, the coveted Lou Marsh Memorial Trophy for Canada’s top athlete and her most recent history-making accomplishment: the right to compete against men in the four-man bobsled event on the World Cup circuit, something she’s lobbied for since February 2014. But don’t call Humphries a pioneer. “I try to minimize the making history part,” she told the Toronto Star last November, when bobsled’s governing body decided the four-man event would be gender-neutral. “Not because I don’t think it’s momentous—I know it is—but racing is racing. Whether I’m making history or not, I want to get down [the course] the fastest way possible.”

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