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30 Under 30: Janelle Tam, Superstar Teen Inventor

Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world. Prepare to be hella inspired by Janelle Tam



Superstar Teen Inventor / 19
Twitter: @janellehmtam

In high school, Janelle Tam began developing her own experiments alongside pro scientists at a nanotechnology lab at the University of Waterloo, where her dad is a professor. Her research led to the invention of a new compound: one with disease-fighting and anti-aging properties. It went on to win a national research competition and has since been patented. “I never envisioned how far I’d end up going,” says Tam, now studying molecular biology at Princeton University. “When you start something important, you never think, Oh, I’m going to win this award. It’s more like, What can I do best with what I have right now?

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