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30 Under 30: Chloe Wise, Artist

Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world. Prepare to be hella inspired by Chloe Wise

Chloe Wise

(Photo: Jimmy Tagliaferri)

Artist / 24
Instagram: @chloewise

Google “Chanel Bagel Bag” and pages upon pages of results will appear, proclaiming Montreal-born Chloe Wise—with her cheeky proclivity for carefree (and carb-free) sculptures—to be the art world’s next it-girl. Titled Bagel No. 5 and carried by actress and artist India Salvor Menuez to an official Chanel No. 5 dinner party last fall, the bagel “bag” caused quite a stir, kicking the former FLARE intern’s fledgling career into overdrive. “It was so interesting, because this series of bread bags was intended to critique the arbitrary formation of trends,” says Wise, who worked with urethane, oil paint and found hardware to create an uncanny trompe l’oeil (other entries in the series include a Louis Vuitton baguette and a Prada challah backpack). “I found that my trolling was actually being celebrated by the audience I was intending to critique.” With upcoming shows in Montreal, Toronto and Geneva, Switzerland, Wise continues her rise, gathering inspiration from unlikely places such as “a pharmacy or grocery store or the Cheesecake Factory in Miami.”

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