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30 Under 30: Berkeley Poole & Sarah Nicole Prickett

Meet the Canadian women who are changing the world. Prepare to be hella inspired by Berkeley Poole and Sarah Nicole Prickett


(Photo: Marissa Kaiser)

Berkeley Poole, Art Director  / 27 (L)
Instagram: @boygirl

Sarah Nicole Prickett, Writer/Editor  / 29 (R)
Twitter: @snpsnpsnp

“Bursting like bad fruits” was the near-dictum that editor-in-chief Sarah Nicole Prickett and creative director Berkeley Poole reiterated when brainstorming the mood for Adult, the “new erotics” magazine the New York City–based Toronto transplants founded in 2013. “Working in fashion, we both developed an aversion to white space, fragile-looking typefaces, and snobbish restraint in colour, casting and design,” says Poole, who by day is the art director at Barneys New York. “There’s an intimacy in the writing in Adult, and to engage the reader, the design had to be similarly layered, graphic and kind of f-cked up.” While Adult’s contributors are largely female, Prickett, who also writes for Artforum and The New Inquiry, recoils at the assumption that it’s strictly for women by women: “We’re making what we want to see. I don’t call this ‘the female gaze.’ I call it a vision; one that is less interested in reversing roles than in multiplying them.”

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