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Is Tyler the New Narrator in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why?

The creepy, sneaky school photographer is nowhere to be seen in the latest Season 2 trailer—and Polaroids are the new cassette tapes

Devin Druid is in character as Tyler in 13 Reasons Why. He is wearing a salmon button up and is holding a camera. The 13 Reasons Why Season 2 trailer dropped on April 30, and fans have been buzzing.

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On April 30, Netflix released the trailer for the new season of 13 Reasons Why, and buckle up bbs, because it seems like we’re in for a wild ride.

In the cryptic preview, things don’t appear to be going any better for the students of Liberty High School than the last time we saw them—and all are still dealing with the fallout from Hannah’s suicide. Here, four things we learned from this too-short glimpse at Season 2, which premieres May 18.

The truth is developing.

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Out with cassette tapes, in with Polaroids

Shortly before the trailer was dropped, Netflix released a teaser video of the new season. The short clip reveals a Polaroid photo of Hannah, along with the words “the truth is developing.” This theme is also pretty prominent in the trailer, as it features a bazillion Polaroid pics floating around each main character. Considering that Netflix announced last year that cassette tapes will no longer be a plot point in Season 2, it seems highly likely that they’re going to be replaced by Polaroids.

Tyler may be the new narrator

The trailer features a ton of familiar faces, including Clay, Tony, Bryce, Jessica and Mr. Porter… but no Tyler. Considering how last season ended (Tyler was shown packing up weapons, implying that there may be a school shooting), this could mean that he could be the new narrator, with the plot line revolving mainly around his own story. This theory makes sense, because Tyler—who stalked Hannah—was known to take tons of photos of his classmates. Could the Polaroids possibly be his?

Bryce assaults again

Bryce is seemingly a repeat offender in Season 2. The trailer shows him pouring straight alcohol into a rocks glass while lounging on a lawn chair, with a Polaroid revealing that the girl sitting next to him (a new It-girl character named Chloe, played by Anne Winters, who told us all about the role last fall) eventually appears to pass out. This definitely alludes to Season 1, when Bryce raped both Jessica and Hannah while they were intoxicated. Cementing the theory that Bryce remains a predator in the new season, show creator Brian Yorkey told The Hollywood Reporter that serial sexual abuse will be a theme in Season 2. “Over the course of the summer, we watched events unfold in our culture that confirmed to us that yes, unfortunately, it is possible for severe sexual abuse at a very high, consistent level to be kept secret by many,” Yorkey said. “So that’s very much a part of our story in Season 2, and we’re hoping that enters the conversation around the show.”

There will be *tons* of drama

The Polaroids also reveal a battered Tony with a smashed car and a black eye, Mr. Potter’s trashed office (which likely had something to do with Bryce—whose school file is shown in Potter’s desk drawer) and threatening notes that tell various characters to “keep your fucking mouth shut,” and “know your place.” Someone is definitely out to get these people, and we can’t wait to see who it is.

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