Find yourself under the bright lights of the big city!

Looking for the go-to hot spots to visit in Toronto? We’ve got you covered, from the rooftop lounges and patios we swear by, to the theatres and local landmarks to check out after dark. Consider this your insider’s guide to exploring the Canadian city’s downtown in a whole new light.


Toronto Tourism

Canada’s biggest metropolis is a beautiful, inspiring, multicultural city that is easy to fall in love with, not to mention our Torontonians could very well be the world’s best tour guides.

Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or a really great party, this cultural mecca – is THE destination for any getaway.

With so many Toronto hot spots to discover it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve put together a must-see list of local sights and entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada.

When the night falls and you’re ready to hit the town, this is your gateway to the hottest destinations the city has to offer, from the rooftop lounges and patios we swear by, to the theatres and local landmarks to check out after dark. Consider this your insider’s guide to exploring the Canadian city’s buzzing nightlife in a whole new light.


Comedy Venues:

Toronto’s comedy circuit nails it. It’s bred world-renowned comedic talent and then some.

Did you know: Comedians like Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Russel Peters started their careers in Toronto’s comedy scene.
Bonus!  If you’re brave enough, Second City also offers drop-in improv and standup classes.


Grandiose Theatres:

It’s Canada’s Broadway complete with sass. Toss on your finest dress, grab a cocktail, and prepare to be awestruck by world renowned performances ranging from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ to ‘Bat out of Hell’.

Hot tip: Book tickets early because the shows sell out quickly.


Live Music Venues:
Toronto’s music scene has it all. Whether you’re a punk rock head banger, or a classical music connoisseur, Toronto’s venues will have you coming back for more.

Iconic artists: The Horseshoe has hosted the likes of: The Rolling Stones, The Police, and The Ramones!


Concert Halls:
Check out the Halls home to the world’s best artists live in concert. Canadians have firmly established themselves atop the international music charts. Don’t miss out on the breeding grounds of legends.

A piece of history: In 2009, Neil Young’s album ‘Live at Massy Hall’ was named by Fretbase as the second best album featuring a singer-songwriter on acoustic guitar of all time.


Rooftop Lounges/Patios:
Toronto’s rooftop lounges and patios are the best way to kick back and enjoy arguably the most gorgeous skyline in the world. Bring your camera, not only is the view worth a picture, you might just run into a celeb!

Celebrity watch: Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, James Franco, Carey Mulligan and Marion Cotillard have all been seen in recent years at the Thompson Hotel.


Toss on your walking shoes; Toronto’s historic landmarks are calling your name. The heart of Canada is jam-packed with breathtaking architecture.

Dare to try?: Conquer your fear of heights and walk the edge of one of the world’s greatest man made wonders, the CN Tower. Not daring enough? Don’t worry, you can crawl along the glass floor inside!


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