Don’t Let Wardrobe Malfunctions Ruin Your Look

Don’t let wardrobe malfunctions ruin your day. It’s easier than ever to always look profesh with Scotch™ Essentials™’ new collection.

Don’t Let Wardrobe Malfunctions Ruin Your Look

Let’s face it: we’ve all had wardrobe malfunctions. And in a world where it’s never been more important to always look your best, who needs the stress, right?

Now it’s easier than ever to keep your look perfect, with Scotch™ Essentials™’ new collection. Keep them at work or in your purse when you’re on the go. Wear what you want, when you want and always look good!

Button Down Those Hatches

We’ve all been there: you’re preparing for an important meeting when you look down and notice you’ve lost a button and your blouse is gaping open in all the wrong places! No need to panic, just go to the Scotch™ Essentials™ emergency kit you keep in your desk drawer. With Scotch™ Essentials™ Easy Fix Button, you can reattach or add new buttons without sewing or repair loose buttons quickly before they fall off. You can even add extra buttons to keep your clothing feeling more secure. Buttons 0, you 1.

Don’t Reveal, Conceal

Sometimes you want to make sure no matter which way you move or bend, things you don’t want revealed stay concealed. Keep Scotch™ Essentials™ Wardrobe Tape Strips in your purse or desk drawer to easily secure necklines or blouse gaps. Skin and fabric friendly, you’ll feel confident no matter what you’re doing.

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No More Hemming and Hawing

We know you have to plan your wardrobe around 12-hour days because you’re not just going to work, you’re also going to events after work. And while you might love to wear your sleek black pants with flats at the office, you’d also like to wear them with heels at night.

Keep Scotch™ Essentials™ Adjustable Hem Tape in your desk so you can easily adjust the hem length of your pants to suit high heels or flats. It’s great for jeans, pants, skirts or dresses (so your mini isn’t quite so mini at work). It’s super easy to apply and doesn’t need ironing or sewing. No more dragging hem lines. Just your perfect look.

Make Breezy Look Easy

You know in the movies when the heroine pulls up in a convertible but everything is still in place and she looks perfect? That’s not just movie magic. Scotch™ Essentials™ Accessory Tape Circles keep everything exactly where you want it to be—collars, scarves, even necklines—so you can focus on making your grand entrance in perfect style.

Make sure you keep Scotch™ Essentials™ Wardrobe Solutions in your purse and at work so you can always pull off your perfect.

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