Now's the Time to Check Out Your Basket at These Online Retailers

Praise be! Now that the loonie is finally on the rise, take a min to shop at these international retailers and enjoy a better-than-usual exchange rate

The Canadian loonie is up to 80 cents to the American dollar for the first time since 2015. So obviously that means now’s the time to pull the trigger on those online purchases that have been sitting in your basket for weeks.

The lousy exchange rate on our fave U.S. sites is usually the deciding factor that makes us rethink our impulse purchases when we see that crazy inflated bill in the checkout. Since the dollar has been on the rise, however, online shopping at some of our fave international brands is much more enjoyable, and not as harsh on our wallets. Click through the gallery below of our fave online shops, and treat yourself to a mini spree while the dollar is still soaring!

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