This $70 IKEA Table Could Be Worth $10,000 Some Day (& It's In Stock!)

One antiques expert thinks this side table—a reissue of one of the retailer's OG pieces—could be a very smart investment

A table

Credit: IKEA

Chances are that as you’re reading this you’re within a foot of a piece of IKEA furniture. It’s a millennial rite of passage, a source of both joy (so cheap and yet so chic!) and sorrow (ALLAN KEYS)… but could it also help fund your retirement? An intriguing blog post by an antiques expert is making us think of our humble flat-packed furniture purveyor in a whole new light.

Pontus Silfverstope, of the Swedish auction house Barneby’s, recently made his forecast for “antiques of the future” and one of his top picks came directly from… IKEA. Specifically, he’s got his eye on the LÖVBACKEN side table. It currently retails for $69.99 in Canada, but he’s projecting that if you hang onto it until 2030, the veneered fibreboard masterpiece could be worth $1,600 to $3,000. (That’s  A LOT of Swedish meatballs!) Keep it in your possession—and away from coffee rings—for another ten years, and Silvferstope reckons your purchase will be in the $5,000 to $8,000 valuation range.

So what’s so special about this particular piece? Well, it’s a limited edition re-issue of the first piece of flat-pack furniture IKEA ever made. Released back in 1953, the mid-century modern gem was designed by Gillis Lundgren, considered to be an icon of Swedish design. Pieces from the original release are currently selling for “thousands” and Silfverstope can only see that trend continuing.

As of publication time, the table is still in stock in Canada. To quote another IKEA icon, that commercial with the lady going to the sale: Start the car! Start the carrrrrrrrrr!


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