Behold: The Jorts You Never Knew You Needed

Knee-length jean shorts create a real divide, separating those who think they're legit ugly and those think they're cool-ugly. If you're in the latter group (we are, too), here are 14 pairs to fall in love with

If we were giving out awards for best denim style for 2017, jorts would win big. The unexpected knee-grazing jean shorts (hence jorts) have picked up serious street style cred thanks to celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian. The “ugly” denim trend (which is gaining momentum with wackier styles popping up daily) can be styled in tons of ways, too. You can wear your jorts loose and shredded for a ’90s grunge effect or skin tight and paired with a bodysuit for a more modern feel. If you’re into the idea, check out our options for cute jorts below.

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