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Sex Week: 6 Women Confess Their Secret Kinks

Six women share their turn-ons, from the NSFW to the shocking

secret kinks

Maggie Gyllenhaal as the submissive Lee in Secretary (2002) (Photo: Everett Collection)

Office Play
Eleanor, IT professional
“I like to dress up as a naughty secretary and have my partner dress in his business suit while we role-play office scenes. It’s especially erotic when we can use an actual office or boardroom to play out our fantasies.”

The Word “Daddy”
Shauna, retail associate
“I’ve been turned on by the word ‘daddy’ for as long as I can remember (but I don’t associate it with my father). It’s part of a larger thing that involves infantilization. I find incredible happiness in tapping my inner child: watching cartoons, building blanket forts or baking cookies are all overwhelmingly exciting. I enjoy the naïveté and gentle coercion involved. My ‘Daddy’ uses his authority to encourage me to try something I might be shy about: ‘You’re too little to make that choice. Daddy knows best.’”

Christina, life coach
“I identify as a sadistic dominant, and the fetish closest to my heart is CBT [c-ck and ball torture]. It’s a powerful feeling to control what is generally considered a man’s prized possession. Taking away his ability to masturbate focuses all of his sexual energy on me and makes him a better, more compliant lover. Hurting him there is a source of gleeful power, because he must endure suffering for my pleasure.”

Public Places
Annie, sex educator
“As a teenager, I had a partner who was very spontaneous. While out on a walk one night, he suggested we have sex on top of a bulldozer in a construction site. The sex itself wasn’t that great (read: uncomfortable), but the possibility of getting caught was exhilarating. Since then, I’ve had sex in the middle of a baseball diamond during a thunderstorm, in a haunted, abandoned building and on a balcony overlooking Toronto (among many other places).”

Katie, nightclub manager
“I find that the sight, smell or taste of blood elicits ravenous feelings of lust. The way it shines in the light; the artistic way it caresses the body as it flows from a wound. If I have a partner who has scratched me to the point of bloodshed, I run to grab my camera—not a Band-Aid. My husband isn’t into it, but he doesn’t mind if I explore with another partner. Luckily I found someone, and we’re exploring artistic cutting and piercing.”

Rape Fantasy
Lisa, entrepreneur 
“I like to write my fantasies into stories I can share with my partner. I find it easier and sexier that way. Sometimes my stories involve a kind of rape fantasy, but it’s not about an actual rape. It’s about being irresistible to partners who can’t hold themselves back. It involves a lot of negotiation and communication.”

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