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This Woman Set Up a Blind Date on OKCupid, and Tweeted the Tale

Well that escalated quickly...

Scrolling through online dating profiles can seem incredibly repetitive—especially if you’re just looking at the photos. There’s the man laughing in a suit at his friend’s wedding, the guy clutching a drink at the bar with his buds and a shocking number of dudes holding big-ass fish they’ve presumably caught.

Then there are those classic profiles that don’t show you the person’s face at all.

While most of us swipe left on those pics, Priya-Alika Elias decided to take a chance on a modern-day blind date.

And lucky for us, the Boston-based lawyer and a writer decided to share all the details on Twitter—for an epic saga that reads like a romantic tragi-comedy. We can’t be sure if it’s real or not, but saga is reads like a pretty epic romantic tragi-comedy regardless.  

It all began with an OKCupid with a photo of a man looking at a mountain:

Not a great start so far, but she perseveres… 

Clearly, it’s not the face she was expected to see. According to Elias, her conservative estimate of the suitor was a man in his late 70s 

Despite the age gap, she decided to sit down with him

But then things take a turn…

Elias added that this story took place a while ago and she considers it hilarious, not horrific. And so ends yet another classic take of online dating. Stay safe out there friends.

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