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How to Keep Sex Interesting: 6 Long-Term Couples Talk

Real-life secrets and strategies that'll get the headboard bangin’


(Photo: iStock)

(Photo: iStock)

Billy, 33: Recently married his girlfriend of seven years
“We keep things pretty adventurous, like the time we participated in a 10-person orgy, or another time when we invited a guy we met outside a hotel to join us upstairs, along with another couple. That guy went back to his room with a story and a bra for proof.”

Lauren, 31: Married to her husband for four years
“For his birthday last year, I got some hot lingerie and gave my husband a surprise lap dance, which was fun and led to some very good, spontaneous sex.”

James, 32: Recently married his girlfriend of four years
“We’ve anonymously posted photos of ourselves having oral sex online. We both get off on the idea of strangers enjoying the pics, and I suppose on some level there’s a dangerous thrill that comes with the slim chance we’ll be recognized.”

Janna, 28: Seeing her boyfriend for three-and-a-half years
“We both love dirty talk. Very early in our relationship, he’d explicitly describe what he was doing to me, like, ‘Do you like it when I rub your p-ssy?’ and I’d just go buck wild. It was like, ‘Yes! yes! yes!’”

Sarah, 35: Married to her husband for seven years
“Deep down we’re both prudes, so our sex life is very conventional. The craziest thing we do is have sex in another room of the house.”

Karen, 31: Seeing her fiancé for four years
“I didn’t go through with anal sex before out of fear it would be painful. Our two-year mark was when I could relax. We felt super-lovey at that point, so we went for it. Instead of it being something to get over, it was way satisfying!”


Note: Names have been changed to preserve the modesty of the naughty