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#FriendshipGoals: 9 Stories That'll Make You Text Your Bestie STAT

Friendship goals for real

Who’s the first person you text with good news? Bad news? A run-in with your ex? More than likely, the faithful recipient of all these harried messages is your BFF. And we bet you couldn’t imagine it any other way.

We’re celebrating all those special longstanding unions with shout-outs to our best friends out there. We asked FLARE editors to share stories about the friend who changed their life and made it that much brighter simply by being in it. (Yes, we wanted all the warm feels for this.) Enjoy. Weep. Text your bestie and tell ’em you love them.

friendship goals: tara with best friend

The friend who goes the distance

“My family and I moved eight times as I was growing up, and when I was 14, we ended up in Australia. Age 14 is not an awesome time to start at a new school (teenagers are mean, I was awkward, etc.), but people were relatively nice to me. One girl, Anna, was extra enthusiastic when she found out I was from Canada, and asked me super important questions like ‘Do you know what Costco is?’ and ‘Can you get someone to send us Timbits?’ Turns out, she and her family, who also moved lot, lived in Markham for a while. We became fast friends, and when our parents met a few weeks later, we found out we weren’t actually new friends—we both lived in Virginia at the same time, our dads knew each other, and we had played together when we were three years old. Anna is still my best friend, even though we live in different hemispheres. She’s the sort of friend I don’t need to talk to all the time because we can pick up exactly where we left off, and I know we’ll always be in each other’s lives regardless of time and distance.” —Tara MacInnis, associate fashion and beauty editor

friendship goals: Maureen with friend

The friend who knows when to school you

“I met Victoria when we were both literal babies starting out in the magazine industry—I worked as a junior editor at Chatelaine; she worked as a food editor in the Chatelaine Test Kitchen. (She is the first fellow redhead I’ve actually met and gotten along with, whatever that says about me.) In the 13 years since we’ve met, we’ve seen each other through various heartaches—both boy- and cat-related—counseled one another on a bazillion different career quandaries and only gotten into one significant argument (the infamous cappuccino versus latte dispute, in which she schooled me on the fact that a cappuccino is topped with frothed milk). We’re both married now, and Victoria has a beautiful baby girl, but she remains my #1 confidante and sounding board, for which I’m eternally grateful.” —Maureen Halushak, deputy editor

friendships goals: Ishani with friend

The friend who feels more like family

“Long before The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, there was Kiera and me. Just like in the books, our fates were brought together in Lamaze class. My pregnant mom attended these classes on her own because my dad, who was working as an Air Force navigator, was constantly travelling. Kiera’s parents, who were also prepping for their first child, felt bad for my mom as she tried to do the exercises solo so they took her under their wing. Soon, a friendship was born—and a few months later, so were Kiera and me, a mere three days apart. Despite being incredibly different—she is a beautiful and theatrical blonde while I am a tiny, somewhat awkward Indian kid—we are also remarkably the same. We are both chatty, easy-going and ended up in Toronto writing about things that matter to us. Even though Kiera and I grew up in different towns, with different friends and challenges, when we get together, it’s like no time has passed. She has always been more like family, to the point that we call each other’s parents “aunt” and “uncle.” Kiera is quite literally the first friend that I ever made and 27 years later, remains one of my best.” —Ishani Nath, associate editor, features

friendships goals: Erinn with friend

The friends who personify #squadgoals

“I met Alison, Taylor and Amanda in high school, but it wasn’t until we moved away to university (and didn’t see each other every day of the week) that our friendship truly solidified. Even though we lived in different cities, provinces and countries and were dealing with the craziness that is university, we kept in close touch via Snapchat and through mandatory catch-ups over the holidays. The four of us are totally different but we seem to get each other in a way that only a true #girlgang can.” —Erinn Stewart, assistant fashion and beauty editor

friendships goals: Erica with friend

The friend who always picks you up

“This BFF taught me that when I collapse on a bed, brokenhearted and crying, having someone there to listen is great, but a friend who will hit you on the head with a pillow is better #truestory. Full disclosure: Diana is my cousin, but over the years she’s gone above and beyond to earn BFF status. She’s the kind of friend who refuses to let you feel sorry for yourself, makes you laugh and instantly puts things into perspective (a well-timed “Really?!” goes a long way). Whether we’re getting lost in Milan or dancing all night in Montreal, there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner.”—Erica Cupido, staff writer

friendships goals: Briony with friend

The friend who you hated at first

“It wasn’t love at first sight for Michael Li Preti and me. I found my coworker cold, and he remembers my icy corrections on how to pronounce my name. But about 1.5 years after we started working together, I needed someone to help me muddle through the candidates in the 2014 provincial election and found he was intensely interested in politics. A short while later, we pulled an all-nighter together working on a gift for my friend and bonded over our shared obsession with the awfulness of Schitt’s Creek. From there, we were inseparable, texting each other all day, every day. Michael can be cold, yes: he has given me maybe three compliments in our years of friendship, he is 100 percent sure he is right 100 percent of the time, he refuses to let me eat food off his plate and he will never, ever watch any period movies I recommend. But his strangeness makes him special—and, despite his stern front, he has always been there for me (including our rambling three-hour 2 a.m. phone conversations), and, annoyingly, he is right a lot of the time (he gave me wise counsel about slowing my rabid dating pace during those delicate few weeks of seeing my life partner and thus saved my relationship). He makes me laugh more than almost anyone I know. He is so smart. Like, crazy smart. Michael and I don’t really have any photos of us together, but we did create an extremely weird YouTube series together, so, until we have a gay-by together, here is a picture of us from our other baby, Briony’s Teeny-Tiny Talk Show. Unsurprisingly, it’s a still of him fussing with my hair from the premiere. Some people look askance at me referring to him as My Gay Michael, as if his queerness makes him some kind of object. The truth is, I just like declaring he’s mine. I’m a lucky girl.” —Briony Smith, senior editor, culture

friendships goals: Ava with friend

The friend who makes the perfect coffee date 

“I honestly couldn’t pinpoint the moment in my life where Rachele became my be-all and end-all friend. We met in high school, travelled out west together in our early twenties after my father passed away, then later, in search of ourselves in Indonesia, with a lot of heartbreaks, coffee dates and road trips in between. Most recently, we went to New York to see our friend make his off-Broadway stage debut. When I asked for her opinion on what photo perfectly captures our friendship, she suggested this one, from our New York trip. ‘It’s us, just roaming around NYC, sampling coffee, and going with the flow on this impromptu trip we booked,’ she texted, along with the pic. I also think it nicely sums up everything about us because you could literally put us anywhere in the world, with coffee, and we would very easily find something to laugh about. And that would be my favourite moment.” —Ava Baccari, staff writer

friendships goals: Alanna with friend

The friend who is always up for sharing a pint

“This photo captures a perfect moment of my bright, beautiful friend Vanessa laughing during a toast I gave on my wedding day. She’s smiling because I was sharing details about another perfect moment: the two of us sitting out on a patio in early May a few years back, enjoying a pitcher of beer together. ‘You should date my friend Pete,’ she said, setting into motion the blind date that would change my life. I remember when I first met Vanessa nearly seven years ago, while we were working together as editors at Chatelaine. I’d just moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone. And there was Vanessa, who honestly radiated light wherever she went. I was in awe of her and wanted to be friends with this sharp-witted, funny (she loves a good pun) and incredibly talented person. When I discovered she loved a pint as much as me, I knew it was the start of something great. And it was, and still is. Cheers, V!” —Alanna Evans, senior editor, features

Friendship goals: Laura

The friend who keeps you inspired

“The friend who has changed my life is my pal Jana. We met when we were studying fashion at Ryerson University, and despite living halfway across the country from each other now, we still talk on the reg and see each other whenever we can. Jana has a zest for life unlike any other person I’ve met. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, if Jana is next to me, I know we’re going to have a blast. We’ve travelled a lot together, and having a friend that you can spend 24 hours a day with—without killing—is rare. She’s taught me how to find the humour in literally everything, and always reminds me to approach life with an optimistic attitude. She inspires me, always, and I’m lucky to have her as my friend.” —Laura Hensley, staff writer

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