Sex & Relationships

FLARE Five: Would You Go On a Naked Date?

Sex Your recurring first-date nightmare is now the basis for a TV show. The new reality dating series Dating Naked dials up the  awkwardness factor by making romantic hopefuls get to know one another in exotic locales… whilst completely nude. Watch the trailer in horrified wonder here, then tune into the series, which premieres on M3 tomorrow night (July 17).

Health Organic produce’s higher price tag might be worth it. A research paper set to appear in the British Journal Review of Nutrition reveals that organic fruits, vegetables and grains boast 17 percent more antioxidants than the same products grown commercially; they also show lower levels of pesticides.

Pop Culture Hedonists may have more fun, but they’re not as happy as goal-oriented A-types who maintain a firm one-drink minimum and never miss spin class, maintains a new study talked up over at Science of Us.

Beauty If your inner thighs seem impervious to firming exercises, then get thee to thy nearest sports store and buy a resistance band ASAP. A new study says you can strengthen your inner thighs by 30 per cent in eight weeks by using one in your exercise routine. Prevention has all the details. Also want to work on your rear view? Check out Lysabeth Lopez’s moves for building a belfie-worthy butt shelf here.

Fashion Some bra straps should never see the light of day, a fact more women should be aware of in this season of tank tops, spaghetti straps and sheer fabrics. Jennifer Zuccarini, the Canadian founder of Fleur de Mal lingerie—a FLARE favourite—offers some guidelines on season-appropriate underpinnings (“don’t have a ratty nude bra strap hanging out,” for starters).