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Women Are Adding This Emoji to Their Dating Profiles and the Reason Is SO Important

Take note, dudes

Judge Emoji

If you’ve had disappointingly few opportunities to use the Lady Judge emoji, fear not: You’re about to be seeing her everywhere. Especially if you’re on dating apps.

In a movement dubbed #Lysistrata2018, women all across the United States are beginning to add the gavel-wielding dame to their dating profiles. Why? It’s a signal to men that if they’re not pro-choice, they should swipe on by. To be super clear: Dudes, if you see a female judge emoji in a woman’s profile, it means she will not date you if you do not support her right to make her own reproductive choices. Case closed. Judgement for the plaintiff!

It appears to have been started—or at least popularized—by political writer Jennifer Wright over on Twitter.

It’s a reaction to recent fears that Roe vs Wade—the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in America—may be in danger of being overturned, particularly in light of Donald Trump’s vow to appoint pro-life judges to the highest court in the land. There is currently a vacancy on the bench, and it is expected that whomever the Republicans nominate to fill it will hold v, v, v conservative views. The hashtag has rapidly been gaining traction.

For those not up on their Greek history, Lysistrata refers to a play about women’s attempts to end the Peloponnesian War by essentially going on a sex strike until the men reach a peace agreement. As is (regrettably) not surprising, #Lysistrata2018 has already been criticized in certain quarters, some saying it’s “unfair” to men (which kinda doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but OK…) to some very ugly sentiments along the lines of “glad these people are practicing abstinence because that means they be having less abortions”, which… NO.

FYI: If you don’t have the female judge on your emoji keyboard, you can copy and paste her from the Emojipedia here.


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