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These Are the Best Sex Toys on the Market in 2019

Your guide to the best kind of vibes

Dim the lights and cue the Marvin Gaye, we’re about to get our sexual healing on—and no, we’re not talking about stuffing our faces with a tub of Häagen-Dazs chocolate peanut butter ice cream while submerged in a bubble bath. Instead, what about the ultimate flex: a little “me time” with a sensual sex toy guaranteed to hit the spot. Why? Because ICYMI, the benefits of masturbation include a legit mood boost thanks to the release of feel-good hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, stress reduction and even better sleep, making it part of a healthy self-care routine.

Here at FLARE HQ, we are huge proponents of taking care of business by means of a personal moment of bliss. So whether you’re looking for a soft introduction into bedside gadgets or are a seasoned sex-pert, we’ve got you covered. From smooth to pulsating, waterproof and polka dot, these are the nine best sex toys on the market in 2019. Siri, play Let’s Get It On.

The Perfect Match
This flexible rabbit vibrator uniquely massages your G-spot and clitoris at the same damn time. Bonus: It comes with a lifetime warranty. Talk about the definition of the perfect match—we’ll take two. $54,

Don’t be fooled by its cute size, the Bean packs a stimulating punch. This is your straightforward beginner’s guide to enhanced vibrations and really, the best bang for your buck. $48,

Pure Wand
With its curved, smooth arc designed specifically to achieve G-spot thrills, the Pure Wand’s reach can be described as ~heavenly~. Plus, we love a dildo that’s not in a phallic shape! $140,

This puppy can be used for foreplay, sex or solo sessions—and it’s a cult fave, garnering 155 five star reviews. According to its inventors, “Fin moves in and out of the action with the stealth of a stagehand.” And if that’s not pleasure at your fingertips, we don’t know what is! $101,

Le Wand Petite Rechargeable Massager
In what some might refer to as the Cadillac of massagers, Le Wand’s vibrations are a steamy sensation you’ll want to ride all night long. With powerful penetration and a flexible neck, this luxe device has 10 speeds and six playful patterns. $182,

With eight pleasurable settings, sonic waves make clitoris massage way too easy. Plus the Sona is 100% waterproof, so go ahead and get wet! $117,

Jollet Dildo
Despite Jollet’s v. cute polka-dot design, the shape is really what takes the cake. Crafted to mimic the contours of the vaginal canal, this baddie can hit both G- and A-spots simultaneously. And if you want to get extra spicy, insert a bullet vibrator inside the hole at the base for additional stimulation! $148,

Kip Lipstick Vibrator
It’s all about the tip with the Kip! The angled edge and soft edges make this discreet device a bullseye, every time. $114,

Icicles Butt Plug
Don’t be thrown by its pink colour and decorative flower base, this baby only intensifies vaginal orgasms. The Icicle is made from smooth glass for slick comfort, and its teardrop design ensures precise pleasure. We dare you to slide into the back side. $40,

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