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5 Sex Trends That Have Totally Hit the Mainstream

From cheeky new innuendos to female Viagra, the past year has given us A LOT to talk about when it comes to sex

sex trends

Marnie clearly enjoying herself on Girls

Rimming: Was there a more buzzed-about TV sex moment in 2015 than Marnie getting her salad tossed on Girls? The scene capped off 12 months of swirling (tee-hee!) rumours about Drake’s fondness for the act; Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz and Jhené Aiko singing about their booty-eating love; How to Get Away With Murder’s Connor going to town on a cute butt; and a flurry of rimming trend pieces everywhere, from Playboy to Salon.

sex trends netflix and chillNetflix and Chill: It’s not often that a new term enters the lexicon so quickly, but this year, the meme-o-sphere gave us “Netflix and chill,” which soon transcended Internet slang to become an IRL term. For the uninitiated few, it means “come over and bang.”

sex trends schitts creekPansexuality: In exciting diversity news, those who identify as the jaunty I-bone-whomever-I-want orientation continue to come out in droves. Miley Cyrus trumpeted her label-less lust, and Kristen Stewart hinted at her own pan-venture. There has also been a whole slew of such characters on TV, with Canada’s very own Dan Levy (above) leading the charge on the CBC hit Schitt’s Creek.


sex trends tinder dick picsTinderpocalypse: It changed modern dating forever, bringing brutal efficiency to catching that D. In 2015 we saw disillusioned users swiping left on the OG hookup app, as more people clashed over what it’s supposed to be used for (“it’s for hitting it!” “but my friend got married off it!”) and seemingly normal dudes creeped everyone out with crass come-ons. Such Tinder fatigue manifested in even hoity-toity mag Vanity Fair bemoaning f-ckboys, dozens of social media accounts devoted to outing misbehaving users, and an entire book of Tinder fails.

sex trends 2015The Right to Orgasm: We ladies have been getting more vocal about our right to climax for a while now, but in 2015 we got even noisier. Nicki Minaj declared that she demands to finish every time, and an entire Tumblr called How to Make Me Come, devoted to essays by women about how to get them off, became a web favourite. (Also relevant: female Viagra hit the U.S. market! Too bad it sucks.)

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